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Brandi Rice: Turning Tragedy into Motivation

We all have experiences in life that knock us down at times. What matters most is how we move forward from those experiences. Brandi Rice turns them into motivation to push herself harder to succeed. As a working parent and Grantham medical coding and billing student, Rice is working hard …continued Continue Reading


Grantham Earns First-Time Accreditation of its Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology Program LENEXA, Kan. – September 28, 2016 – Grantham University, an online university that, on January 2, 2016, celebrated 65 years of helping military and civilian adult learners earn their college education, recently achieved first-time accreditation of …continued Continue Reading

Three Things You Should Expect from Your Online Medical Billing and Coding Program

Do you want to work in a hospital setting, but would prefer not to work directly with patients? Fortunately, there may be a perfect solution for you: medical billing and coding. These specialists, who can be trained through an online medical billing and coding program, are there to carefully maintain …continued Continue Reading

On the Front Lines: Grantham Alumni CW5 Derrick Edwards

At Grantham University, we value the role we play in helping our military students achieve their academic goals. But offering opportunities to pursue an online degree program is only half the equation. The other half is found in the grit, determination and commitment of our dedicated students. Students who will …continued Continue Reading

How to Answer the Trickiest of Interview Questions

Remember that important childhood rule: honesty is the best policy? The one we accidentally forget about as we get older. Well, as it turns out, employers want to see honesty even when they ask you tricky interview questions. So avoid doing the “humblebrag.” If you are not familiar with the …continued Continue Reading

Why Accounting is Important: A Look Inside the Fashion Industry

“You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody.” This bold statement by Diana Vreeland, recognized today as the Empress of Fashion1, reflects the importance fashion has in our everyday lives. …continued Continue Reading

11 Online Education Questions You Want Answered

With more than 65 years of experience in distance education, Grantham University has become a specialist in online learning for adults. We’re sharing some of our expertise by answering your most frequently asked online education questions: Q: What is online learning? A: Online learning (or distance education, as it’s known …continued Continue Reading

Anthony Houchin: Grantham Instructor and Master of the Work-Life Balance

Not only does Grantham University value a healthy work-life balance for its students, it values a healthy work-life balance for its instructors. Anthony Houchin, who currently teaches business and marketing courses at Grantham, left the corporate world — but not his field of interest. He is able to combine his …continued Continue Reading


MEDIA CONTACT Leila Gallagher 913-309-4804 Methodist Healthcare System employees can now take advantage of Grantham University special tuition rates and credit for prior training LENEXA, Kan. – Sept. 13, 2016 – Grantham University and Methodist Healthcare System (MHS) have announced a partnership that will enable MHS employees to more …continued Continue Reading

How Confidence in Public Speaking Will Make You a Better Accountant

If you are an accounting student so you can spend your career sitting alone at your desk avoiding face-to-face communication with anyone, it’s time to break out of your shell and make the most of your future accounting career! Confidence in public speaking is crucial to a successful accounting career. …continued Continue Reading

No Joking Matter: How Greg Gildersleeve Uses Stories and Comics to Impact Others

People enjoy comic books. That should come as no surprise. Most likely, you have read at least one at some point in your life. If you haven’t read one, you’ve probably seen the film adaptation1. For some, though, the enjoyment of reading the comic is not enough. Creating one is …continued Continue Reading

Tackling Online Learning Myth Number Three

Online degree programs – as well as online schools, online colleges and online education in general – have been around for years now; decades, in fact. And yet, despite the fact that more than 5.8 million students take classes online in the United States alone, an online learning myth pops up every …continued Continue Reading

Faculty Profile: Archuleta Chisolm

As an entirely online institution, Grantham is able to support students in all walks of life. As Business Foundations faculty member Archuleta Chisolm expresses, Grantham’s instructors are able to provide one-on-one support to students. Chisolm enjoys watching her students grow through their academic journey and use their education to change …continued Continue Reading

The Rise of Online Learning

The landscape of online learning is shifting right now. If you would have asked me about the landscape just five years ago, I would have told you it was emerging. It was still new and exciting, and if you were in the business of online education, you had to prove …continued Continue Reading

3 Unusual Signs of Intelligence in Adults

If you’re always the disorganized, sleep-deprived, foul-mouthed person in the group, you may want to keep reading. Studies are claiming these three traditionally negative qualities are actually signs of intelligence in adults. You read that correctly. Gone are the days when you have to listen to people tell you “organization …continued Continue Reading

Presidential Election Myths

Editor’s Note: In anticipation of the November elections, Political Science Foundations Faculty member Mark Olson wants to help you see through the clutter by debunking a few election myths in this blog post. But he’s not stopping there. Olson is also teaching a Special Topics course on Presidential Elections – GU …continued Continue Reading

5 Unexpected Accounting Careers You Should Know About

Traditionally, people don’t think of accountants as having the “most fun job ever.” However, accounting can be much more than simply looking at numbers. With accounting careers available, and necessary, in a variety of industries, there are a lot more options than the traditional bookkeeping jobs we typically envision when …continued Continue Reading

Grantham’s Veteran Students: Serving Those Who Serve Us

“Serving Those Who Serve Us.” This Grantham University motto expresses the pride we take in our ability to cater to veteran students. Not only was the entire institution shaped by the vision of WWII Veteran Donald Grantham in 1951, it was founded to support members of the military who want …continued Continue Reading

Reflections on Grantham’s 2016 Commencement

On Saturday, August 6, 100% online Grantham University held its annual, real-life commencement ceremony. And Grantham’s 2016 Commencement was … well, it was WOW! Of course, I can say the same thing about the last three commencements I was privileged to be a part of in 2013, 2014 and 2015. From the …continued Continue Reading

What’s the Deal with Online Education?

Going back to school can be nerve-wracking, and finding a program that fits your life can seem overwhelming. When you’re making a big commitment in time and money, you want to know that the investment will pay off and be the right choice for you. Online education may be the …continued Continue Reading

4 Things to Expect from Your Online Accounting Degree Program

Did you know the accounting field is growing by 11% and quickly approaching 1.5 million jobs1? That’s faster than average. With this kind of job opportunity, it’s clear that pursuing a degree in accounting is a good move. If traditional school is not an option for your busy life, an …continued Continue Reading

Grantham University Releases The Adult Learner’s Guide to Online Education

MEDIA CONTACT Leila Gallagher 913-309-4804 Grantham has been a leader in the field of distance education for adults since its founding in 1951 LENEXA, Kan. – July 5, 2016 – The Adult Learner’s Guide to Online Education is the latest online resource geared toward adult learners released by Grantham …continued Continue Reading

How to Get the Job in Electronics Engineering Technology

Online education is tackling traditional brick-and-mortar education head on. You’re an online student—you, more than anyone, understand why it’s so great. You used the internet to your advantage so you could earn your degree. But why aren’t you landing the job? If you’ve gotten used to reaching your academic goals …continued Continue Reading


Coursework for Grantham’s BBA in Human Resource Management program has been acknowledged to fully align with the HR Curriculum Guidebook and Templates of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Continue Reading

An Entry-Level Playing Field isn’t a Fair Game for Veterans

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a group of veterans who had just transitioned into the private sector. In visiting with some of these veterans who were in the military for more than eight years, I heard a recurring theme: Civilian employers do not look at the life experience …continued Continue Reading


MEDIA CONTACT Jeff Chaltas 913-309-4806 Scholarship program provides tuition and fees for two Grantham University courses to students who have a passion to pursue nursing LENEXA, Kan. – August 10, 2016 – Students may now apply for the Dr. Susan Fairchild Nursing Scholarships, named in honor of the founding …continued Continue Reading

Student Profile: Curt Dexter

With advancing technology, it seems that engineering careers have become more important than ever. If you want to work in engineering technology, it is never too late to go back to school. This is what our very own electronics engineering technology student, Curt Dexter, chose to do. To achieve his …continued Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Your Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology

As an online student pursuing a degree in electronics engineering technology, you’re probably most interested in learning about complex control panels and electronic systems. But do you consider all the times that electronics engineers have to make important decisions on the spot? Probably not. As you work towards your degree …continued Continue Reading

The Best Food in Kansas City …that ISN’T Barbecue

When you think about food in Kansas City, the first thing that likely comes to mind is barbecue. And why not? Kansas City’s relationship with slow-smoked meats is rooted deep in its history going back well over a century1, and the local restaurants and barbecue chefs rack up countless awards …continued Continue Reading

Student Profile: Thaddeus Menendez

At Grantham, we value a strong sense of community, and we want you to know your fellow students and classmates. We decided to catch up with Thaddeus Menendez, one of our Electronics Engineering Technology students, to learn more about his journey with Grantham University.   Grantham University: Why did you …continued Continue Reading