About Grantham University

Mission, Values and Vision


To provide quality, accessible, affordable, professionally relevant programs in a continuously changing global society.

Core Values

Grantham University faculty, administration and staff are committed to:

Accessibility and Affordability

Grantham University demonstrates commitment to the accessibility and affordability of higher education by facilitating learning that fits into the student schedule, seeking efficiencies that keep programs affordable.


Grantham University affirms its commitment to an inclusive community by making its academic programs, educational services and employment opportunities available to all qualified individuals and encourages tolerance, mutual respect and acceptance
of differences throughout the institution. The University believes diversity enhances its institutional culture, improves productivity and prepares its graduates to participate effectively in the global community.

Education and Service to Those Who Serve

Grantham University honors those who serve our country and our communities. We are dedicated to the provision of affordable and uniquely accessible programs and support to these deserving students.

Excellence and Innovation Grantham University maintains a strong commitment to high standards in all aspects of its academic programs, learning outcomes, and student support services, seeking continuously to strengthen and improve the effectiveness
of its academic programs and operations and seeking creative and effective ways to meet the diverse needs of its student population.

Student-Centric Success

Grantham University places the academic and personal success of its students at the center of all University functions, services, activities and academic programs. The University also follows best practices to facilitate students’ development and
success from the point of entry to degree completion.

Institutional Integrity

Grantham University commits all students, faculty, staff and administrators to uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty and personal responsibility. To provide a quality academic experience, the University is committed to continually assessing
and re-evaluating every aspect of its academic model. The University endeavors to build an institutional culture grounded in candor, transparency and best professional practices.


Grantham University is committed to being a globally recognized innovator in higher education, serving those who serve and serving those who strive to make a difference in their professional lives and community.

University Goals

  • Goal 1: Strengthen academic quality by enhancing faculty knowledge related to their profession
  • Goal 2: Enrich the educational environment for undergraduates and graduates to facilitate lifelong learning
  • Goal 3: Continuously develop educational tools and resources for adult learners’ academic and career success
  • Goal 4: Provide adult learners with opportunities to succeed
  • Goal 5: Strengthen the University’s reputation and visibility

University Learning Outcomes

Grantham further demonstrates its commitment to quality education by preparing students for their professional and civic lives through course and program of study integration and assessment of five institutional academic outcomes. These outcomes reflect
the vision, mission and core values of the University by preparing graduates with defined skill sets as well as to instill the pursuit of lifelong learning. These learning outcomes for all graduates are:

  • Communication—demonstrated competence in effective written and oral communication
  • Critical Thinking—ability to analyze problems, reflectively process information, and formulate solutions
  • Respect for Diversity—demonstrated awareness of and appreciation for varieties of human experiences and social structures
  • Professional, Ethical and Social Responsibilities—understanding of the responsibility to the greater societal good and an applied ethical framework to their decision making
  • Lifelong Learning—definition for and acquisition of a continuing pursuit of educational needs throughout their professional lives

By incorporating these institutional outcomes into each of its programs, Grantham ensures that graduates are prepared to succeed in varied professional and civic settings.

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