Educating busy adults for 60+ years

60+ years

Grantham has been accredited for over 50 years and in business for over 60 years. Grantham University was founded in 1951 by WWII Veteran Donald Grantham, whose desire was to help fellow veterans improve their lives through higher education. Today, Mr. Grantham's vision and philosophy on quality distance learning remain the driving force behind our success.

Grantham Corporate Partner Program

Flexible, affordable and professionally relevant, we offer 40+ online degree and certificate programs, backed by award-winning student support and decades of distance learning experience.

Grantham University is an accredited online university that can help you develop a more educated, productive workforce. Through new skills and methodologies, our students are primed to help increase efficiencies and drive organizational success.

Experience serving busy adult learners

The University was founded in 1951 to further the education of WWII military veterans … and through the years, has achieved significant milestones in offering quality college degree programs in the most convenient, affordable way possible.

Our depth of experience in serving the online education needs of the military is now a launch pad for helping adult professionals earn the degrees they need for career advancement and upward mobility. With the majority of Grantham students being military students, Grantham has become an expert at making quality education fit into busy lives.

  • Relevant coursework
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Virtual learning when and where most convenient
  • Award-winning support teams that care about each student’s success

Degree programs that inspire critical thinking

Professionals across a number of industries are drawn to our 40+ online degrees and certificates in disciplines like nursing, business, computer science, engineering technology, criminal justice and more. Every year, after successfully completing their chosen degree programs, Grantham graduates emerge with new critical thinking skills and perspectives on how to make an impact in the jobs they currently hold or forge ahead to embrace new career opportunities.

Strategic alliances with corporations

Grantham’s Corporate Partner Program enables the busy adult to realize that education is possible while keeping his or her job. To help achieve the "possible" and remove cost barriers in the way of education, we partner with many of the nearly 85%* of employers who offer a tuition reimbursement benefit. These valuable alliances continue to grow each year.

(*Benefits USA 2010/2011 Survey)

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