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At Grantham, we’re all about what’s best for our students. We love to see them maximize past college courses and other training to possibly shorten their degree plan. In fact, nearly all Grantham students transfer in credits of one type or another, from a wide range of civilian and military sources.

As a Grantham Corporate Partner, you are offering your employees the chance to earn a highly relevant education that will, in turn, help them make a positive impact on your company’s success. While students can often immediately begin applying what they learn in class to their jobs, completing the degree in the shortest timeframe will help you see a quicker return on your investment.

To help minimize students’ required courses at Grantham (and help them graduate quicker), here are the types of experience eligible for potential credit transfer to our University:

Prior college coursework

Transfer credit is awarded on a course-by-course basis for classes with content equivalent to that of the corresponding Grantham course. For undergraduates, grades must be at least a “C.” for graduate-level courses, grades must be a “B” or better. (Developmental and nursing courses are not accepted for transfer credit.)

Corporate training

Grantham awards credit for corporate training, depending on the course having been appropriately evaluated for college credit by the American Council on Education (ACE). Additionally, through its Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) program, Grantham will evaluate corporate training for potential college credit.

Military experience

Grantham gives military training serious consideration for credit transferability. Training that has been reviewed by ACE is most often considered to be valid college credit. Military training eligibility is typically listed on a JST or CCAF transcript.

External exams

Grantham students may qualify to receive credit by external examination through:

  • CLEP

Credits awarded by taking these tests are transferrable into the degree program for which they apply as long as the ACE-recommended score is achieved and the test was taken fewer than 20 years prior to matriculation.

View Grantham’s transfer guidelines.

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