What employers and employees have to say about tuition assistance

Valuable Workforce

"Companies offering tuition reimbursement are not only providing a valuable benefit to employees, but they are creating a more valuable workforce, giving them a competitive edge."

Amy Kaminski, director of marketing for Compdata Surveys, Benefits USA 2010/2011 Survey

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Your tuition reimbursement program is likely one of the most valuable tools you have in terms of recruitment, satisfaction and retention of top-notch employees. Many adult professionals want a specific degree to further their career goals, and having their employer pitch in on education costs is a highly appealing benefit.

If you are struggling to understand the value of promoting your company’s program, take a look at the following facts about tuition assistance:

Employers …

  • 84.7% of surveyed employers offer some form of tuition reimbursement to their employees.1
  • 88% of surveyed employers found tuition reimbursement to be a useful employee retention tool.2
  • 66% of surveyed employers cited tuition reimbursement as the employee benefit that is most effective in retaining front-line employees.3

1 Benefits USA 2010/2011 Survey; 2 Education Assistance Plans Survey, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP); 3 Employer Survey, Manchester, Inc.

Employees …

A Tuition Assistance Value Study* conducted with employees of prominent U.S. organizations across multiple industries found that:

  • 96% reported the education received through tuition assistance was valuable and a good use of their organizations’ resources.
  • 77% reported the program was the reason they pursued furthering their academic/ professional development.
  • 86% reported that employee satisfaction, efficiency, quality and productivity were positively influenced by their participation in a tuition assistance program.
  • 94% reported that the knowledge they acquired was useful to their jobs.

*2011 Tuition Assistance Value Study (edLink, Capella University, ROI Institute)

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