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Developing your employees’ professional skills is an investment in them and in your business. The more educated your workforce, the more adept your company will be in meeting its objectives. That’s important.

According to a Benefits USA 2010/2011 survey, 84.7% of companies offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. So why do so few employees take advantage of this benefit?

For many employees, they hear about tuition reimbursement at orientation and never hear it again. For others, they want to complete their next degree but don’t think they can balance work, family and school.

A catalyst for business success

At Grantham University, we only serve adult learners. Our courses are 100% online, and our award-winning advisors are dedicated to student success.

Our Corporate Partner Program gives you the opportunity to include a quality-focused online university in your tuition reimbursement program. One that delivers a real-world education – the kind of education that helps stimulate the innovative thinking and critical decision making your company needs to move forward in today’s business environment. Plus, our degrees are affordable! In fact, Grantham is in the top 5% of private / for-profit universities in terms of offering low tuition rates. (Source: 2011 IPEDS data)

Degree programs that align with career goals

We’re passionate about helping working adults earn their degrees – in spite of the numerous conflicting priorities each of us face at one time or another. The fact is that offering professional development opportunities can make the difference between retaining or losing great employees. Knowing this motivates Grantham to continually fine tune our degree programs to keep up with the latest advancements and trends, and match the career aspirations of our students and the workforce needs of our Corporate Partners.

An advocate for tuition reimbursement

Through online and on-site education fairs, career webinars and case studies, we help you maximize the corporate benefit from your tuition reimbursement program. We’ll help you educate employees on just how obtainable a college degree can be – even while working a full-time job, and the value of using the benefit to make it happen. From there, you can count on us to provide your employees an education that can help them become your company’s future leaders and innovators.

Become a Grantham Corporate Partner

Partner with Grantham University and find your answer to generating greater participation in your tuition reimbursement program. Contact us today at (888) 477-6830 or by email at cpp@grantham.edu. And let’s discuss how becoming a Grantham Corporate Partner might just be the smartest move you could ever make for boosting your workforce and bottom-line success.