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Partner with Grantham University and tap into the power of a more educated workforce. By exploring the career potential of those already working for you, you’re likely to discover a world of growth opportunities for your company, as well as your employees.

In more specific terms, you can expect the following return on your investment as a Grantham Corporate Partner:

Real-world education for your employees from a university that knows adult learners

  • 60+ years as an educator of active-duty military is a solid foundation for helping equally busy corporate employees earn their degrees
  • Professionally relevant degree programs align with career goals
  • Online environment enables students to choose when and where to study
  • Time to graduation shortened through frequent course starts and opportunities for credit transfer

Smarter workforce

  • Investing in employees’ education now means a more impressive pool of future leaders
  • Fresh, innovative ideas and critical thinking skills through Grantham’s current, targeted programs

Recruitment and retention of top talent

  • Tuition reimbursement is an appealing company benefit for “A” players; contributes to increased employee satisfaction, productivity and retention
  • Publicizing your company’s job openings at no charge on Grantham Pathways employer job portal gives you access to a pool of highly qualified, Grantham-educated applicants (including veterans with security clearances)

Financial advantages

  • Financial investment is lower with Grantham due to our low tuition rates
  • Tuition reimbursement program costs may be tax deductible – up to a $5,250 annual maximum (be sure to consult with a tax professional)

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