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The technology sector is on the rise! Now is the perfect time to take advantage of this area’s expected hefty employment growth in the tech industry with a career-relevant degree program from Grantham University.

Computer and mathematical occupations are expected to grow 22% from 2010 – 2020, with thousands of new jobs. Architecture and engineering careers are also expected to grow about 10% for thousands more. Source: Beyond The Numbers, April 2013,

Whether you’re working full time or serving our country on military veterans, these programs in engineering technology and computer science from Grantham University can help you get ahead.

Our Mission
The mission of the College of Engineering and Computer Science is to prepare adult learners for careers in engineering, computer and information technologies through online integrated curricula that blend theory, application and general skills needed to succeed in a changing global society.

Convenience: Our 100% online format enables you to easily manage your studies at a time that's best for you and a place most convenient for your busy schedule. Flexibility: Courses start frequently and eight-week long classes empower you to choose your own pace of your chosen degree program. Transfer credit: Military, professional training and previous college-level courses, are carefully reviewed for transferability to minimize your length of study.
Affordability: Low tuition rates and scholarship opportunities are two ways we help ease the financial strain sometimes brought on by college education. Attentive student support: Your dedicated student advisor is by your virtual side throughout your entire degree program offering guidance, support and encouragement. Knowledgeable instructors: Credentialed instructors, with years of experience, offer up professionally relevant coursework that's highly applicable to your field of study.

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At Grantham, the focus is on providing you a professionally relevant education at a convenient pace and format that works best with your busy lifestyle. To explore which online degree might be right for you, call Grantham today at (888) 947-2684 and an admissions representative will be happy to assist you! Or simply fill out our online enrollment application to get started right away.