IACP Foundation Scholarship Series


Grantham University

We are awarding three law enforcement officers with a scholarship valued at $36,000 each.

This scholarship is no longer active

In continuation of their dedication to the professional development needs of law enforcement command staff, Grantham University and the IACP Foundation have joined forces to offer three full scholarships to Grantham University.

What are the scholarships for?

Celebrating Women in Law Enforcement
In celebration of the critical role of women in law enforcement, particularly in leadership capacities, the Foundation and Grantham are pleased to offer the Women in Law Enforcement (WLE) Scholarship. Recognizing one outstanding female officer in law enforcement, the WLE Scholarship is focused on providing continuing educational opportunities for females in law enforcement and enhancing access to career opportunities as the successful candidate achieves her goal of attaining a bachelor’s or graduate degree at Grantham.

Honoring Our Combat Veterans in Law Enforcement
The Foundation and Grantham are strong advocates in assisting returning combat veterans as they re-integrate into civilian life. Their contribution to the safety and security of our nation, combined with their tremendous experience and expertise, make veterans an invaluable asset to law enforcement agencies both large and small. The Combat Veterans in Law Enforcement (CVLE) Scholarship will award one scholarship to an active law enforcement officer who has served in the military (and has received an honorable discharge) or is currently serving in a reserve status.

Strengthening Our Nation
In honor of all law enforcement officers’ service to our national, state, local and tribal communities, Grantham University announces its dedication of one annual, general IACP Scholarship, recognizing one outstanding law enforcement officer who is making a significant impact their agency or community. The IACP Scholarship is open to all active duty law enforcement officers as a tribute to the strength and sacrifice demonstrated by their commitment to life on the thin blue line.

The scholarships, valued at a total $108,000.00, will:

  • cover all tuition costs
  • cover the cost of all required textbooks and software
  • cover additional fees for the recipients

Interested applicants must:

  • Be an active full time law enforcement officer
  • Meet the University’s minimum admissions requirements
  • Fully complete the application
  • Submit a 300-word essay outlining personal and professional goals, and why the applicant is pursuing his/her chosen degree program

With these scholarships, IACP and Grantham University look forward to continuing to offer the most committed law enforcement officers the opportunity to advance their education and career, in turn bringing new ideas and expertise to homeland security and the protection of our communities.

Scholarship Application

Completing your online scholarship application only takes a few minutes. Click below to get started.


NOTE: The scholarship recipient must maintain good academic standing and remain continuously enrolled, as defined in the Grantham University Catalog, to retain scholarship eligibility. The scholarship will only cover the costs of courses, textbooks, software and fees required for the recipient’s chosen degree program. Courses outside of the degree program may be taken, but at the expense of the scholarship recipient.