Military to Civilian Life

When transitioning from the military to the civilian workforce, you will find that your military service and experience is highly sought after. Many employers attempt to recruit their employees directly out of the military because of the quality of training, work experience, ethics, and professionalism that are linked with your military experience. But, it is very important to plan ahead, utilize social networking and social media sites like LinkedIn during the job search process and build a professional brand.

The Grantham University Career Center is here to help and support you throughout your transitional journey. To better prepare you for the process of transitioning into the civilian workforce, we have created a Military to Civilian Transition Manual that outlines the steps you can take to be successful in your civilian job search.


Military Scholarships

Grantham University offers scholarship programs for active duty service members, reservists, national guardsmen, veterans, and their families that reduce our tuition rate to $250 per credit hour and includes a Textbook and Software Grant that covers the cost of required textbooks and software.

More Information
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