High School Student Applicants

A high school student who wishes to enroll at Grantham University (while concurrently attending high school or home school) may apply for admission as a non-degree or non-certificate seeking student and may enroll in no more than four (4) credit hours (undergraduate coursework) per term.  Exceptions may be granted by the Chief Academic Officer for students wishing to enroll in more than four (4) credit hours. A high school applicant must submit a copy of his/her official high school transcript with a minimum 3.0 CGPA to be considered for admission as a non-degree or non-certificate seeking student. The prospective student must also demonstrate one of the following:

  • ACT with a minimum average selection index of 18
  • SAT with a minimum average selection index of 440 Math and 440 English
  • PSAT with a minimum average selection index of 147
  • Successful completion (grade C or higher) of college coursework in which college coursework was earned.
  • Present a recommendation and written permission from the high school guidance counselor

Upon successful completion of high school or the equivalent, the student must provide proof of high school completion or equivalent before he/she will be allowed to enroll into a degree or certificate program. Enrollment with a non-matriculated status is limited to course attempts totaling 24 semester-credit hours. No student below the compulsory age of attendance will be permitted to enroll until it is determined that enrollment will not be detrimental to student success.

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