Home School Applicants

A home school student who wishes to enroll at Grantham University must provide proof of program completion in the form of a home-school transcript before he/she will be allowed to enroll into a degree or certificate program. Please note that the home-school program must meet the requirements of the state where awarded to be eligible for admissibility.

Two recommendations are required. One must be completed by the home school administrator and the other must be completed by a parent or guardian. If the educational administrator is the parent or guardian, the second recommendation must be from an individual meeting the following criteria:

  • The student and the individual granting the recommendation shall not be relatives
  • The student and the individual granting the recommendation shall not reside at the same address
  • Examples of suitable recommendations may originate from: member of clergy, law enforcement officer, university/college faculty member or equivalent, librarian, official learning/tutoring center representative, employment supervisor

Application essays are required of all home school applicants.  Applicants must complete a 500-1000 word essay. The essay must describe how the applicant has been successful with his/her home-school independent learning environment and why he/she will benefit from distance learning college-level coursework. In addition, the applicant must submit evidence of the coursework completed and level of performance reflecting acceptable accomplishments. A telephone interview will be conducted with the applicant by the Chief Academic Officer.

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