Tuition and Financial Aid

FSA Disbursements

All Federal Student Aid (FSA)-eligible students are awarded by the academic year. Grantham University’s academic year is made up of two 16-week semesters for a total of 32 weeks; each semester contains two eight-week class sessions for a total of four eight-week class sessions in each academic year. FSA awards are scheduled and posted to your account evenly with two disbursements for every academic year, one disbursement for each semester of enrollment.

Grantham looks forward to helping you earn a highly targeted online degree in the most affordable way possible. For more information about FSA programs, see or call the FSA Information Center at 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243). For additional questions regarding other financial assistance opportunities that may be available to you, please contact Grantham University's Office of Financial Aid at 866-850-2980 or email us at

To learn more, fill out the form and an admissions representative will contact you. You may also receive emails about our degree programs, tuition options, and, if applicable, enrollment process.