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Online Military College: Tuition Assistance

Grantham University has provided educational opportunities to service members and their families since 1951. We believe that every service member, veteran and member of a military family should have the opportunity to pursue a college degree. In honor of the men and women who serve in every branch of the United States Armed Forces, Grantham University offers several scholarships for active duty military, guard, reserve, veterans and military family members.

As an accredited university, and a member of Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC), we are approved by all branches of the military for tuition assistance and for the payment of VA benefits. Military and professional training, as well as prior college course work, CLEP, DANTES, and DSST exams, can qualify for college credits.

Military Tuition Assistance

If you are active duty, National Guard, Reserves or a veteran, you might qualify for tuition assistance (TA) and/or scholarships. TA pays up to $250.00 per credit hour for each fiscal year (FY)* until the cap is reached. Some National Guardsmen and Reservists may only get 75% of TA benefits ($187.50 per credit hour).

*Each branch of the military has its own guidelines for the amount of TA a service member receives.

The following highlights additional financial assistance options available to you and/or your families:

Military Spouse Financial Assistance Program – MyCAA

Grantham University and the Department of Defense (DoD) have teamed up to offer military spouses up to $4,000.00 in financial assistance through the Career Advancement Account (MyCAA). This program helps military spouses pursue their education so they can get a job in an in-demand career.

DANTES Reimbursement

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) has approved Grantham University for tuition reimbursement.

Tuition Assistance Top-Up

The Code of Federal Regulations states an active duty service member may not receive VA benefits for the same courses for which he/she receives Tuition Assistance (TA) from the military. To help cover potential out-of-pocket expenses for a student using TA, the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) was amended to permit the VA to pay a Tuition Assistance Top-Up benefit.

The amount of the benefit can be equal to the difference between the total cost of a college course and the amount of TA that is paid by the military for the course. Top-Up is the only VA program that will pay a student on active duty and receiving TA for the same course(s).

These claims are handled differently from claims for MGIB without TA. For Top-Up claims, a student will not need to check in with the school official who certifies VA benefits. The VA does not need an enrollment certification on VA Form 22-1999. A student will not need to check for approval of the program for VA benefits. Approval is not an issue because Top-Up is payable for any course for which TA is payable under Department of Defense (DoD) criteria.

To find out how many transfer credits you have, please order your military transcripts using the link below that applies to your service. For assistance with this process, to learn more about how Grantham University can help lower your education costs, or to explore the perfect online degree program for you, contact an admissions representative at 1-888-947-2684 or by e-mail at

To learn more, fill out the form and an admissions representative will contact you. You may also receive emails about our degree programs, tuition options, and, if applicable, enrollment process.