Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition Rates

As a Grantham student, you will benefit from an accredited, professionally relevant online degree – at a lower tuition rate than 95% of other private / for-profit institutions.* Your total Grantham tuition will depend on the number of credit hours required for your chosen degree program, and is easily estimated by using the information that follows. (*Source: Fall 2011 IPEDS data)

Undergraduate/Graduate Tuition Rates
Military Rate* $250/credit hour
Veteran Rate* $250/credit hour
Undergraduate Rate $265/credit hour
Graduate Rate $325/credit hour

*Tuition rate after applicable scholarship, if eligible.

Minimum Number of Required Credit Hours for Graduation
Associate Degree 62
Bachelor’s Degree 122
Master’s 36


Miscellaneous Fees  
Evaluation Fee**# $30
Returned Check $25
Graduation Fee $100

Technology Fee (effective for all registrations on or before July 2, 2013)

$30 per eight-week term
Technology Fee (effective for all registrations on or after July 3, 2013) $35 per eight-week term
Transcript $10
Replacement Diploma $25
Late Payment $5
Printed Course Guide $20
International Shipping Fee $50 per course

** As a new student, you will be assessed a one-time $30 evaluation processing fee at the time of enrollment. However, the evaluation processing fee may be assessed again if you:

  • Voluntarily withdraw from the University
  • Do not return within 365 days of completing a course
  • Fail to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Are administratively withdrawn
  • Violate Code of Conduct
  • Do not return from an approved Military Deployment Withdrawal and apply for readmission at a later date

# A Textbook and Software Grant, which may be applied toward the cost of the evaluation fee, is available to qualified students.

We look forward to helping you earn a highly targeted online degree in the most affordable way possible. Call Grantham University today at (888) 947-2684 to find out more about our low tuition rates and other financial assistance opportunities that may be available to you.

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