Online Business Administration Program (AA)

Online Business Administration Associate of Arts Degree

To explore the world of business and gain a basic understanding of business administration concepts and practices, Grantham University’s online Associate of Arts in Business Administration (AA-BA) is ideal. Through our 100% online format and professionally relevant courses, you will learn about the functional areas of business – enabling you to increase your value within the business environment.

Business Administration Program Outcomes

At the successful completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Understand theories and actions that enable businesses/organizations to grow
  • Evaluate the role of science, technology and market commercialization in the creation of viable products and services
  • Identify basic business theories, principles and practices
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills

Learn how an online degree from Grantham could change your life and ignite your career success. Our online classes are a great fit for active duty military, veterans, military spouses, high school graduates, government employees, etc. Contact us at (888) 947-2684 to find out more about our accredited degree programs, financial assistance opportunities and enrollment process.

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Course Highlights & Curriculum

Credit Hour Breakdown

AA-BA Credit Hours 63
Total Credit Hours 63

Full curriculum

BA150 Principles of Business Mgmt3
BA181 Foundations of Marketing3
BA201 Microeconomics3
BA206 Macroeconomics3
BA250 Personal Finance3
CS101 CompConcepts and Office Apps4
CS165 Adv Microcomputer Apps4
CS192 Programming Essentials3
EN101 English Composition I3
EN102 English Composition II3
GP210 American Government I3
GU100 Student Success1
IS231 E-Commerce3
MA105 College Algebra3
MA170 Finite Mathematics3
Program and core:45
Electives (6):18

Additional online degree details

Degree level:Associates
Delivery method:Online
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Career Information

The Business Administration program prepares graduates to enter into any private organization that produces goods and services and government organizations at federal, state, and local levels. Graduates will function as employees, supervisors, and middle and lower level mangers. Under the ethical guidance of their superior, they will perform tasks and projects that entail quantitative and qualitative skills, the scientific decision-making process, and tactical tasks and strategies. For example, as production managers they will be responsible for the purchase of inventory and the other factors of production. Their interaction with internal and external clients will be conducted ethically, efficiently, and effectively in order to produce the desired results in the functional unit of production.

10-year Job Growth

  • 316,200
  • 258,100
  • 2010
  • 2020
Total number of new jobs and replacement jobs
Year total jobs is an estimate

Average Salaries

  • The top 10% earn95,200
  • The median earn52,090
  • The lower 10% earn30,560
* Total compensation includes bonus. Salaries listed are dependent on prior experiences as well as the number of years of seniority.
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Business Degree

The business degree should impart knowledge of the topics of marketing, business strategy, organizational behavior, public relations and human resources management. Also training about business finance, business administration, general and specialized economics, information systems and accounting should be part of any curriculum leading to a business degree. Finally, the topics of quantitative methods and a variety of business and group psychology classes fall under the purview of a proper business degree program.

The several types of schools that grant business degrees generally fall within one of four categories:

  • The North American business school, or school of business, is understood to be a graduate school where classes in business are taught with the purpose of conferring a business degree.
  • A second type of institution that grants business degrees is the university, wherein a portion of the faculty is dedicated to discrete departments or colleges within the university, which is predominately devoted to business courses and the granting of business degrees.
  • Yet another way to earn a business degree is at a two-year college or school that grants associate degrees in various business-related subjects. These typically begin training secretarial skills but have expanded into bookkeeping, accounting and other subjects that typify the curriculum desired for granting business degrees.
  • Finally, in Asia and Europe, some universities teach business exclusively. These, too, grant business degrees, which are accepted on different terms than North American accredited business degrees.

Grantham University is somewhat unique in that, while it has several colleges like many traditional North American universities, all of the business degree yielding classes are conducted completely online. Grantham University degree in business can be earned from anywhere in the world that Internet access is available, and students are never required to arrive at a physical destination or at a set time. Your class schedule while earning a business degree at Grantham easily conforms to even the most difficult and busiest schedule, which is often a worrisome obstacle for business students who seek to improve their position and bolster an already promising career by earning a business degree.

Business Administration

Business CoursesBusiness Administration is the complex combination of business operations and management performance, the endeavor of making important business decisions. As a concept of organizing people and resources so as to efficiently direct activities, business administration exists to help businesses reach objectives and goals. The people who make these business administration decisions and disseminate the commands related to business administration decisions (or direct the flow of such business administration information), are known commonly as business administrators.

Business administration is often considered to be an umbrella term which covers not only business managers, but also other key decision makers, decision-making bodies (such as a board of directors), and people whose work is to directly assist business administrators, including secretaries and various go-betweens. Finance departments, personnel management, information services and information system services are also considered to be a part of business administration.

The act of deciding when to do, how to do, what to do, and who should do it are the very definition of planning, the first part function in any business administration work flow. Planning creates a theoretical map from where an organization stands at the beginning of an administrative process to where businesses administrators would like the organization to be. Well-trained business administrators will have learned to establish goals and how to arrange them in a logical order, whether engaged in long- term or short-term planning.

Organizing is another function of business administration. Organization involves the identification of responsibilities that shall be performed by groups or individuals, and some times requires administrators to create, assign, or reassign personnel to departments or divisions. It is the task of business administrators to specify the organizational relationships within these divisions. A subdivision of organizing is coordinating, which is closely related to the division of labor among members of any created team, and also a responsibility of the business administration.

Staffing is a portion of business administration that is also integral to organization, as the creation of working groups requires well-considered staffing. Further activities learned by successful business administrators are directing, controlling and budgeting. All of these business activities can be divided among portions of the administration; however, it is advisable that a well-trained business administrator has a working knowledge of all aspects of business administration functions and procedures, as all administrators will be involved in planning and organizing on some level. And conflicts in planning are best avoided by an informed approach to business management and business administration.

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