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Online Master of Science in Nursing - Case Management

If you want to build upon your career in nursing with a focus on Case Management, Grantham offers an online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) – Case Management. And through the convenience of our 100% online MSN program, you can go to work on your education – when and where you choose.

The program focuses on current trends in:

  • Leadership and management
  • Human diversity and social issues
  • Health promotion and disease prevention
  • Research and global, evidence-based practice

Please note: All MSN students need to complete a Major Applied Research Paper (MARP) and participate in a Practicum at the end of their specialization program for their final research seminar.

RN to MSN Bridge Option

For information on our RN to MSN Bridge Option, go here.

MSN Case Management Program Outcomes

  • Utilize the basic conceptions of Case Management when planning and implementing patient care.
  • Integrate nursing and related sciences into the delivery of advanced nursing care to diverse populations.
  • Incorporate concepts of advanced health assessment and pathophysiology in making nursing diagnoses and decisions about educational and therapeutic interventions.
  • Design nursing care for a clinical or community-based population based on biophysical, psychosocial and organizational sciences.
  • Demonstrate professional and high level communication skills when involved in peer review, advocacy for patients and families, reporting of errors and professional writing.
  • Function in a leadership role when collaborating with team(s) to generate knowledge that supports evidence-based practice and improves healthcare outcomes.
  • Apply theory and researched-based knowledge from nursing and the sciences in leading the interdisciplinary team to design, coordinate and evaluate the delivery of care.

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Course Highlights & Curriculum

Credit Hour Breakdown

MSN-Case Management Credit Hours 36
Total Credit Hours 36

Curriculum Highlights

Course Number Course Title
HSN501 Healthcare Systems
NUR545 Life Care Planning
NUR533 Curriculum Design & Learning Outcomes
HSN548 Information Security & Privacy in Healthcare Environments

Full curriculum

HSN501 Healthcare Systems3
HSN509 Clinical & Administrative Syst3
HSN521 Modern Organizations Hlthcare3
NUR506 Foundations of Adv Prctice Nur3
NUR513 Diverse Popu and Healthcare3
NUR516 Nur Research & Evid Based Prac3
NUR542 Concepts of Case Management3
NUR545 Life Care Planning3
NUR547 Case Mgmt and Evid-based Prac3
NUR552 Leg& Ethi Iss of Adv.Pract Nur3
NUR605 Case Mgmt Resarch Seminar3
NUR606 Case Management Practicum3
Program and core:36
Electives (0):0

Additional online degree details

Degree level:Masters
Delivery method:Online
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Career Information

The healthcare industry, like any business, needs good management to keep everything running smoothly. Healthcare Administrators plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of healthcare. Administrators must be prepared to deal with a variety of responsibility, including the integration of healthcare delivery systems, technological innovations, an increasingly complex regulatory environment, restructuring of work, and an increased focus on preventive care. They are often called upon to improve efficiency in healthcare facilities and the quality of the care provided.

10-year Job Growth

In the next 10 years, the medical and health services management field is projected to grow by more than 68,000 positions, which is a 16% increase.

  • 371,000
  • 303,000
  • 2010
  • 2020
Total number of new jobs and replacement jobs
Year total jobs is an estimate

Average Salaries

If you choose to work as a medical or health service manager, you can expect to earn:

  • The top 10% earn$144,880
  • The median earn$84,270
  • The lower 10% earn$51,280
* Total compensation includes bonus. Salaries listed are dependent on prior experiences as well as the number of years of seniority.
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Nursing Education

Nursing education consists of a vast spectrum of theoretical and practical training that prepares nurses for the various duties of professional medical positions. Experienced nurses and medical educators, who are either qualified by a system of technical merits or through professional medical experience, offer nursing education courses in both general nursing and in specialized areas of nursing education, such as pediatrics nursing education, post-operative nursing education, and even mental health nursing education. A typical course is exigent of four years of accredited nursing education and training, while post-qualification courses generally concentrate on specialized areas of nursing education.

Over recent decades, nursing education has shifted from a focus on practical experience, which is related to a coarse trial-and-error system of learning, to a more practically focused, structured program of conventional medical training and preparation. A supportive argument exists for the more practical skill base learned in the intense medical environment training of the past; however, the older nursing education system emphasized a “handmaiden” relationship between doctors and nurses, while the modern nursing education system tends to develop more competent and confident graduates whom are capable of delivering higher quality care from the very beginning of their tenure as nurses. Modern nurses are considered to be equals among their medical care teams, rather than apprentices or subservience to other medical professionals.

Not all nursing education courses terminate in a graduate-level status. In certain countries, nursing has been seen, traditionally, as an apprenticeship trade and was a common undertaking for religious orders, such as convents. Women dominated the field of nursing through most of its history; however, there have always been professional nursing roles for men as well, especially in mental health services. Modern nursing education serves a greater number of males than at any time in the past.

Historically, the earliest structured nursing education curriculum was developed by Florence Nightingale, who set up the first nursing educational institution in the year 1860. Nightingale also authored a book on nursing education entitled, “Notes on Nursing” in 1898. Florence Nightingale, Ethel Bedford-Fenwick, and other early nurse educators advocated a system of nursing education that should take place in institutions of higher learning rather than in hospitals, a forward-thinking idea which has become the standard in nursing education in the United States today.

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