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Online Computer Science Degree Program Description

From 2010-2020, employment of database administrators is expected to grow by 31%, software developers 30%, network and computer systems operators 28%, and computer programmers 12%. (Source: Spring 2012 BLS Occupational Outlook Quarterly)

Grantham University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BS-CS) prepares you for computing technology careers in a continuously changing global society. Through the convenience of our 100% online learning environment, this degree prepares you for a broad range of computer opportunities. Your courses in computer technology and the theory of programming languages will help you understand how to create computer-based technology solutions using both hardware and software.


Grantham offers concentration options, which require a minimum of 18-27 elective hours from the computer science degree program. These electives help you increase your understanding of computer science and allow you to build a foundation in information technology or information management.

Sets of elective courses have been grouped together around selected computer science concentrations. You may opt to take any set as listed below to focus study on information technology or information management.

Concentration in Information Technology

Course requirements in this concentration emphasize the design and development of information systems and software. It includes the study of information systems, database design, network communications and object-oriented programming. Your classes will teach you practical theory and techniques to help you be successful in a business setting working on every area of information systems, from determining initial requirements through implementation and maintenance.

When you graduate with your computer science degree, you will be qualified to work in a range of positions from entry-level programmer to advanced information systems analyst.

The recommended sequence of courses is as follows:

  • IS242 Management Information Systems
  • CS340 Operating Systems
  • CS367 Programming Languages
  • Three CS electives of your choice at the 300 level or higher

Concentration in Information Management

Courses in this concentration emphasize the development of management skills, preparing you to be successful in the areas of computer software development and software and computer maintenance. A concentration in information management includes the study of business management and economics, and it provides a foundation in computer systems and software.

You learn theory and techniques for evaluating hardware and software solutions and for making systems and technology recommendations to businesses.

The recommended sequence of courses is as follows:

  • CS221 Principles of Web Design
  • IS242 Management Information Systems
  • IS231 E-Commerce
  • BA150 Principles of Business Management
  • BA220 Financial Accounting
  • A BA elective of your choice at the 200 level or higher

If you choose to forgo focusing on a specific concentration in computer science, it is highly recommended that the following courses be taken for the CS electives:

  • CS340 Operating Systems
  • CS386 Systems Architecture
  • CS425 Algorithm Development
  • Three CS electives of your choice at the 300 level or higher

Computer Science Program Outcomes

When you graduate with your computer science degree, you will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of computing and mathematical reasoning related to computer science
  • Analyze a problem and identify and define the computing requirements appropriate to its solution
  • Design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system, process, component, or program to meet desired needs
  • Address professional, ethical, legal, security, global and social issues and responsibilities
  • Communicate effectively with a range of audiences
  • Use current techniques, skills and tools necessary for computing practice

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Course Highlights & Curriculum

Curriculum Highlights

Course Number Course Title
CS192 Programming Essentials
CS200 Programming in Java
IS259 Database Applications
CS270 Data Structures
CS371 Database Design

Full curriculum

Course Title Credits
CO101 Introduction to Public Speaking 3
CS105 Introduction to Computer Applications 3
EN101 English Composition I 3
EN361 Technical Writing 3
GP210 American Government I 3
GU299 General Education Capstone 3
GS102 Introduction to Life Science 3
HU260 Strategies for Decision Making 3
MA105 College Algebra 3
MA141 Precalculus 3
GU100 Student Success 1
CS192 Programming Essentials 3
CS197 Programming in HTML 3
CS200 Programming in Java 4
CS208 Programming in JavaScript 4
CS216 Computer Networks 3
CS263 Programming in C 4
CS265 Programming in C++ 4
CS270 Data Structures 3
CS336 System Analysis and Design 4
CS371 Database Design 4
CS405 Software Engineering 4
IS212 .NET Concepts and Principles 4
IS259 Database Applications 3
IS412 .NET Implementation 4
MA302 Calculus I 4
MA312 Calculus II 4
PH220 Physics I 4
Program and core: 94
Electives (10): 32
Total: 126

Additional online degree details

Degree level: Bachelors
Delivery method: Online
Availability: Available

Career Information

Computer science jobs[1] are distinguished by the higher level of theoretical expertise and innovation applied to complex problems and the creation or application of new technology. From computer programmers and software developers to IT managers, computer science professionals should be prepared to use advanced computer applications and management skills to solve real-world problems. Using complexity theory, hardware, and programming language design, they work on multidisciplinary projects, such as developing and advancing uses of virtual reality, in human-computer interaction, or in robotics.

The Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management Technology (BS-EMT) could help you get your start in a number of computer science fields, including cyber security. Information security analysts will be in extremely high demand as new positions in the field are projected to increase by up to 18% by 2024[2]. And for those interested in a management position, computer and information systems managers see a median salary range in the $130s[3].

10-year Job Growth[2]

In the next 10 years, the information security analyst field is projected to grow by more than 14,800 positions.

  • 97,700
  • 82,900
  • 2014
  • 2024
* Total number of new jobs and replacement jobs for information security analysts. 2024 total jobs is an estimate.

Average Salaries[4]

If you choose to work as a computer or information systems manager, you can expect to earn:

  • The top 10% earn$187,200
  • The median earn$131,600
  • The lower 10% earn$80,160
* Total compensation includes bonus. Salaries for computer and information systems managers are dependent on prior experiences, as well as the number of years of seniority.

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