Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Program (AS)

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Associate of Science Degree

At Grantham University, we can help you launch an exciting career in the field of technology. Through the convenience of our 100% online format, you can earn your Associate of Science in Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology (AS-ECET) – giving you a basic introduction into electrical and electronics design. At Grantham, we strive to make earning your degree fit into your busy schedule. Whether you work full time or you're serving as active duty military personnel, our online format is designed to fit your schedule.

With this degree, you will have specific courses in DC/AC circuit principles and design, digital electronics and analog electronics, as well as two courses in computer programming. The program satisfies the first two years of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology or the Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology – so you’ll be well-prepared should you choose to continue your education.

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Program Outcomes

At the successful completion of the program, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate appropriate proficiency in knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools of their disciplines
  • Conduct, analyze and interpret experiments and apply experimental results to improve processes
  • Identify, analyze and solve technical problems
  • Communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate an awareness of professional, ethical and social responsibilities

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Course Highlights & Curriculum

Credit Hour Breakdown

AS-ECET Credit Hours 67
Total Credit Hours 67

Curriculum Highlights

Course Number Course Title
EE100 Engineering and Ethics
EE105 Fundamentals of DC Circuits/Lab
EE115 Fundamentals of AC Circuits/Lab
EE212 Electronics I/Lab
CE212 Digital Electronics/Lab
CS192 Programming Essentials

Full curriculum

Course Title Credits
CE212 Digital Electronics and Lab 4
CO101 Intro to Public Speaking 3
CS105 Intro to Computer Applications 3
CS192 Programming Essentials 3
CS263 Programming in C 4
EE100 Engineering and Ethics 3
EE105 Fund Prop of DC Circuits & Lab 4
EE115 Fund Prop of AC Circuits & Lab 4
EE212 Electronics I and Lab 4
EN101 English Composition I 3
GP210 American Government I 3
GS102 Introduction to Life Science 3
GU100 Student Success 1
HU260 Strategies for Decision Making 3
MA105 College Algebra 3
MA141 Precalculus 3
PH220 Physics I 4
Program and core: 55
Electives (4): 12
Total: 67

Additional online degree details

Degree level: Associates
Delivery method: Online

Career Information

Electronic and computer engineering technicians test, implement, service and sell electronic systems. They often play a support role to engineers in the design and development of systems or equipment[1].

Careers can be found in the defense, communications, medical and utilities industries, to name a few. For example, this degree can prepare you for a career as an electrical or electronics engineering technician, median salary range in the high $50s[3]. An associate degree can also give you the edge in the field of mechanical engineering technicians – an occupation that will see over 2,000 more positions open up by 2022[2].

10-year Job Growth[2]

In the next 10 years, the mechanical engineering technician field is projected to grow by more than 2,200 positions.

  • 49,700
  • 47,500
  • 2012
  • 2022
* Total number of new jobs and replacement jobs for mechanical engineering technicians. 2022 total jobs is an estimate.

Average Salary[3]

If you choose to work as an electrical or electronics engineering technician, you can expect to earn:

  • The top 10% earn$83,120
  • The median earn$57,850
  • The lower 10% earn$34,560
* Total compensation includes bonus. Salaries for electrical and electronics engineering technicians are dependent on prior experiences as well as the number of years of seniority.

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