Online education resources


Why Online Education?

Everything you need to know about online learning in one convenient location
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Entering the Civilian Workforce – Your Journey Starts Here!

Prepare for success as you take your first step toward an exciting new civilian career.
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Choose a Career You’ll Love and Never Work a Day in Your Life

Start making your move toward a brilliant civilian career.
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Professional Branding That Gets You Noticed

Leverage social media, LinkedIn and more to create an exceptional professional brand.
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How to Ace the Interview … and Stand Out From the Crowd

Discover sound tips for turning interviews into job offers.
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Military Spouses: Pursue a Degree … and a Career

Find out how to fit a degree and a career into your busy life.
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Arm Yourself for Advancement

Make earning a degree part of your career plans – in or out of the military.
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Guide to Online Learning

With more than 5.8 million students taking classes online in the United States alone, online education is quickly becoming more than just an acceptable way of learning
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Time Management

Planning Wisely Prioritizing Your Time Setting SMART Goals Tackling Procrastination Urgent vs Important
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Career Booster Webinar Series

Grantham University presents its monthly Career Booster webinar series featuring topics perfect for career seekers and established professionals alike.
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Gangland Wire

Taking down the Mob – the wiretaps that brought Midwest Mafia bosses to justice.
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SHRM Certification Webinar

An insider’s look at the SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP certification process. Download your copy of Grantham’s webinar on SHRM Certification today. It’s been said there are no shortcuts to success. It’s also been said there’s no such thing as a free lunch. There is, however, such a thing as a free …continued
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The Business Case for Hiring Veterans

An in-depth look at why employers are increasingly recognizing the powerful skills and capabilities veterans bring to the workplace.
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