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Frequently asked questions

How do I authorize disclosure of information from my student record to someone who is interacting with Grantham on my behalf?

You may provide Grantham with a properly executed power of attorney indicating a third party’s right to act on your behalf.  You may also complete a Consent to Release Education Records form.  A properly executed consent will allow Grantham to disclose to a designated third party any information that is defined in the consent. The written consent must specify the records that may be disclosed, identify the party to whom the information may be made, and be signed and dated. This consent may be withdrawn by completing the first section of the Revocation of Consent form.  You may print these forms from our Web site or you may request the forms from the Registrar by sending an e-mail to registrar@grantham.edu.  Return the forms via e-mail to registrar@grantham.edu or fax at (913)-309-4949.

For a complete description of your rights under FERPA, see Notification of Rights Under FERPA.