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Frequently asked questions

How much time do I have to finish each course?

Research on learning in academic programs oriented towards experienced participants shows that the combination of student/faculty interaction and student/student interaction adds substantially to the value of a student’s academic program.  This interaction, in conjunction with prescribed course milestones, is designed to facilitate the student’s successful completion of each course in a manner that supports the attainment of his/her long term academic goals. You must complete all courses for which you are enrolled by the conclusion of the term, which is 8 weeks (56 days). A student, if he/she chooses, may accelerate his/her time to degree completion by completing courses faster than the 8 week term.  If you complete a course prior to the conclusion of your 8 week term, you may enroll into your next course right away. If for some reason you cannot complete your course(s) in 8 weeks (56 days), you may request an incomplete from your instructor. If approved, you will have an additional 14 days to complete the course and earn a grade. If a grade is not posted within the additional 14 days, the “I” grade will convert to a grade of 0 and averaged into the final grade.