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Frequently asked questions

Is there any tuition cost after applying my military tuition assistance?

Grantham University offers a Military Scholarship program that reduces our tuition rate to $250 per credit hour and includes a Textbook and Software Grant that covers the cost of required textbooks and software.

The Military Scholarship program is designed to cover the costs of tuition remaining after TA/DANTES benefits have been applied. If a National Guardsman or reservist receives only 75% TA benefits, or $187.50 per credit hour, the Military Scholarship covers the remaining TA, up to $250 per credit hour. By combining your Military Tuition Assistance with Grantham’s Military Scholarship Program, you could attend college with no out of pocket tuition expenses.* Additional University fees may apply and are not covered by the scholarship.

*Military students who continue their education with Grantham should be aware that they may have out-of-pocket tuition expenses once the fiscal year tuition assistance money is exhausted.