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Frequently asked questions

Is there any tuition cost after applying my Veteran Education Benefits?

The answer to this question depends on the chapter that you are using. If you are using Chapter 1606 or 1607 benefits, you may not receive enough benefits to cover all of your tuition; however, reserve soldiers using either of these chapters can also use military tuition assistance benefits to help cover the cost of tuition. If you are using chapter 30 or 31, you will most likely not have any out of pocket tuition costs. Students enrolled using Ch. 33 (if full time and if 100%) are eligible to receive a housing stipend of $673.50 per month. The amount of housing varies based on eligibility percentage and rate of pursuit (full time, 3/4 time). If a student is 1/2 time or less he/she is not eligible for the housing stipend.