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Personal Financial Management Course

Attend and earn college credit (3 hours) for passing this 8 week online course.

Earn College Credits for You and Your Spouse with Only One Enrollment Fee

This special offer is for students who need to complete the BA250 course for their degree program. Grantham University is offering you and your spouse (or significant other) the opportunity to complete this online course together. You both will earn college credit for BA250, but you only pay for one enrollment.

Your cost will be $795 ($750 if you receive the military/VA tuition rate) and your spouse will be at no cost when enrolling with you.* Upon successful completion, each of you will receive 3 college credits.

Learn How to Dramatically Alter Your Financial Path.

In celebration of our 60th anniversary, Grantham University is offering this new personal financial responsibility course that is designed to enhance your life while you gain college credit.

This course was developed by Dr. Mark Skousen and covers the many facets of personal financial management.

FREE finance course to help build a successful life

This online course
will teach you how to:

  • Set Financial Goals

  • Develop Ways to get out of Debt

  • Determine Basic Investing Plans

  • Create Retirement Plans

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Course Description

In this eight-week course, students are given the tools to dramatically alter their financial lives for the better. Students will develop sound money management skills. As listed in the University Catalog, Lifelong Learning is one of Grantham’s five university wide Academic Learning outcomes… “Lifelong Learning is the acquisition of a continuing pursuit of educational needs throughout our professional lives.”

This Personal Finance course embodies the definition of lifelong learning, giving students the proven financial strategies needed to dramatically change their lives. By instituting the knowledge learned in this course, students can increase their earning and investment potential for life. The time is now.

*Student cost is $795 ($750 if eligible for the military/VA tuition rate); no cost to spouse. Grantham University reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer at any time.

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Former and current Grantham University students are not eligible for PFM no-cost course.