Student Success Partners

At Grantham University, we want to see you succeed – from the day you enroll to the day you receive your diploma … and beyond. Getting there on your own is indeed possible, but is much easier with a strong support system, both within Grantham and within your own circle of friends, family and coworkers.

Student Success Partners (SSP) is a program designed to help you proactively build your special team of academic supporters. Your SSP(s), working in tandem with your Grantham support team, will reach out to you with ongoing encouragement and support throughout your Grantham education. The individuals you choose should be those in your life who care about and want to enable your educational success. Their encouragement and support will complement the personalized attention and guidance you’ll receive from our own team of Grantham Life Changers – the admissions reps, student advisors, instructors, deans, etc., who will be beside you all the way to graduation.

Your Grantham admissions representative can walk you through the specifics of the SSP process, where you will be asked to:

  • Carefully choose the individual(s) to make up your SSP team
  • Fill out a Consent to Release Education Records Information for each SSP (Note: You have the right to revoke the consent at any time.)
  • Indicate on the form his/her name and contact information (one form per SSP)
  • Provide authorization on the form for the SSP to be contacted by Grantham regarding your academic progress (see the form for specifics on types of information to be released/discussed)

Get started realizing your educational and career dreams. Learn more about our Student Success Partner initiative by contacting a Grantham admissions representative at (888) 947-2684. We look forward to helping you down the road to success!