Benchmarking Grantham Outcomes and Assessments

As stated in the preface of the University Catalog, Grantham University “demonstrates its commitment to quality, accessible, affordable, professionally relevant education by preparing students for their professional and civic lives through course and program of study integration and assessment of five university level outcomes. These outcomes reflect the vision, mission, and core values of the University by preparing graduates with defined skill sets, as well as instilling the pursuit of academic success” in the following areas:

  • Communication – competence in effective written and oral communication
  • Critical Thinking – ability to analyze problems, reflectively process information and formulate solutions
  • Respect for Diversity – awareness of and appreciation for varieties of human experiences and social structures
  • Professional, Ethical and Social Responsibilities – responsibility to the greater societal good and an applied ethical framework in decision making
  • Lifelong Learning – definition for and acquisition of a continuing pursuit of educational needs throughout their professional lives

University Learning Outcomes (ULO) benchmarks for each grade level (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior and senior) have been determined and are reflected in the rubric.

Mature Student in Classroom at the Computer
Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students are assessed with respect to mastery of the University level outcomes at the completion of GU299, General Education Capstone, taken at the end of their sophomore year, and as seniors in their professional capstone courses. Annual data collected from the capstone courses are provided below.

Student on Exam

College-specific assessment reports are provided below.

College of
Engineering& Computer Science
Mark Skousen
Schoolof Business
College of
Nursing &Allied Health
College of
Arts &Science