The Financial Advisor Law that Could Affect Your Finances

Do you rely on the help of a financial advisor for your retirement fund? If you do, or plan to in the future, then here’s something to keep in mind: One of the major legislative changes that may impact your retirement fund this year is the DOL Fiduciary Rule. If you have a retirement savings account, or intend on starting one soon, it is important that you know what this law is, how it can impact you and what legal…Read +

Four 401k Planning Tips to Boost Your Savings

Financial challenges have a way of taking a toll on you. They can cause physical, emotional and mental stress and make you feel discouraged. If your 401k savings is looking depleted and your hope for a financially secure future seems to be dwindling, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The American Psychological Association reports that 72% of Americans stress about money – and this number is not exclusive to just the middle and lower class. According to the study, even millionaires…Read +

Get to Know Grantham Faculty Member and Chief of Police Travis Forbes

As a university founded on the principle of “Serving Those Who Serve®,” Grantham attracts exceptional faculty members, who are devoted public servants, dedicated to serving those who serve. Forbes, a General Education faculty member, has spent 25 years in local government and is the Chief of Police at the Lee’s Summit, Mo., Police Department. He has dedicated both his work, in education and as a police officer, and his personal life, to serving others. We had a chance to learn…Read +

Finances & the Future: Turning Money Management Skills into a Career

Financial planning is a career path with a promising future and many job perks. Financial planners enjoy job security, opportunities for career advancement, an above-average salary6 and — once you are in the field for a while — a personalized work schedule with long-term client partnerships. For many, this sounds about as close to heaven as you can get with work. But these are only some of the many benefits of becoming a financial planner. If you have a knack…Read +

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