computer programmingSales. Information management. Financial systems. Customer communications. These are just a few of the ways computer programming is essential to modern businesses.

Companies in numerous industries need user-friendly and interactive web pages and programs that can help them run their businesses effectively and prosperously. That is why they seek trained computer programmers experienced in a number of programming languages and applications, such as HTML, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS.

A certificate in computer programming can help you establish a career in a variety of fields – a career that may also be more lucrative compared to that of someone without a certificate.
Here are three ways Grantham’s online Introduction to Programming certificate program can pay off and prepare you for your future:

1. Master a Variety of Programs

At Grantham, we know it is important that graduates are familiar with a variety of platforms and applications. That is why we require all our students to take core classes to help them become proficient in relevant areas of programming.

Our curriculum dives into some of the most widely-used computer languages you will need to start your career as a computer programmer. Languages include:

JavaScript: A commonly used language for computer programming that allows pages to become more interactive.1

C and C++: While these sound quite similar, there are key differences that you will learn to distinguish through Grantham’s computer programming certificate program. For example, while C is only a procedural language, C++ is both procedural and object oriented.2

HTML: HTML “consists of a series of short codes typed into a text-file by the site author,” which allows you to create and format a unique webpage.3

Many companies seeking computer programmers look for a wide range of experience with different programming languages. Grantham’s Introduction to Programming certificate program ensures you have what you need to get your foot in the door for your future computer programming career.

2. Acquire Both Technical and Soft Skills

After completing the certificate program, you will have acquired several key skills that will help you succeed in any computer programming profession.

Grantham University’s computer programming courses will teach you how to:

1. Successfully write and fix issues within various programs;
2. Create unique web pages; and
3. Add interactive elements to a website.

Besides these three tactical skills, you’ll learn to master an array of soft skills that can help you in your future career. This career path requires a specific mindset and broad set of skills, such as attention to detail, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking.4

3. Intro to Programming Classes are Convenient and Flexible

The Introduction to Programming certificate program can be completed in about eight months, so you can get your career training done quickly and on your own time.
The program has a core curriculum of 19 credit hours, consisting of specialized classes covering topics such as:

• HTML, JavaScript and C++
• Student success
• Programming essentials

Every Grantham certificate program is entirely online, and you can start whenever you are ready.

Convenience. Flexibility. Specialized instruction. It’s all there to get you started on the right track toward a computer programming career.

Get Your Certificate at Grantham

Are you interested in receiving training that will prepare you to work in the ever-growing technological field? Grantham’s GSA-approved Introduction to Programming certificate program may be the ideal choice for you. New classes begin every week. Contact us today to start writing a new code for your future!