If you’re new to online degree programs, chances are you have some questions. To help you out, we’ve provided a list of some of our most frequently asked questions about getting started.

1. How much is tuition and will I have any out-of-pocket expenses?

The cost for an undergraduate degree at Grantham University, for instance, is $295 per credit hour; graduate degrees are $350 per credit hour.

There are scholarships available that reduce tuition to $250 per credit hour for qualified students.

The amount of out-of-pocket expenses varies with each student. For example, a military student’s Tuition Assistance combined with a military scholarship might prevent a student from having to pay for anything themselves. To figure out exactly what your financial responsibilities will be, work with your Admissions Representative. They will work one-on-one with you to find out what you qualify for.

2. Will my credits from GU transfer to another school? Will you accept credits I’ve taken at another school? Do you accept credits gained from military and/or work experience?

With any school, the acceptance of transfer credits is determined by the institution where the credits will be transferred. To help eliminate the guessing game, contact the new registrar’s office to determine whether your Grantham credits will transfer.

Grantham will happily review your previously-earned credits to see if they will transfer to your degree program. Unofficial transcripts are accepted during the admission process, but in order for the official transfer credits to be awarded, an official transcript will need to be received by the Registrar’s Office. Credits are subject to your declared program of study and Grantham’s residency requirement.

Military and veteran students can submit DANTES, CLEP, AARTS, SMART, CCAF and CGI transcripts for review of transfer credits. In order to qualify, military training and testing must meet the American Council on Education’s (ACE) standards.

3. How do I apply for TA/VA benefits?

Applying for your benefits is easy. To apply for Tuition Assistance contact your education officer or click on the appropriate link below:

To apply for your VA benefits, visit this link or call the VA at 888-GIBILL1. For more information about using your benefits with Grantham specifically, visit this link.

4. What programs does GU offer? What kind of job can I get with a specific degree program?

Grantham offers 38 different degree programs, everything from Certificates of Learning up to master’s degrees, through four colleges: the Mark Skousen School of Business, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the College of Nursing and Allied Health.

By visiting the specific degree programs on www.grantham.edu, you can view a variety of career possibilities for each degree. Of course, though, what you actually end up doing with the degree is up to you.

5. Will I have an actual professor?

All online courses have instructors. However, just as online programs vary, so do the professors. Typically, your instructor will have one of three different backgrounds:

  • He/she could be an instructor at a traditional campus-based program who also teaches online courses.
  • He/she could be someone who prefers to teach only online courses.
  • He/she may be someone who teaches online courses part-time and is an expert working full-time in the career field in which they teach. For example, your instructor for Criminal Justice 101 could also be the Chief of Police in a city or town near you.

We covered a lot of information that’s good to know when you’re first researching your online degree program (whether at Grantham or elsewhere), but what are some other questions you have? Let us know, and we’ll try our best to answer them for you.