business managementEditor’s Note: The Bureau of Labor Statistics information has been updated since the writing of this blog.

It's not always easy to decide which major best fits your career aspirations. If you're still deciding, we wrote a blog that highlighted four college majors that were projected to flourish in 2013.

No. 1 on that list? Business.
There are two popular online degrees to consider in business: business management and business administration. The focus of today's blog will be business management. Here are five reasons why a degree from this program is a wise choice in today's competitive marketplace:

1. Job growth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics1 (BLS) projects an 8% growth for the 21 business occupations listed in its Occupational Handbook between now and 2024. A glance into specific business management jobs reveals an expected 14% employment increase for management analysts2 by the time 2024 hits. The median pay for these positions was $81,330 per year in 2015.

2. Transferrable skills.

The skills you will acquire as a business management student are highly transferable. You could have a wide range of industries from which to choose in the public or private sector. In today’s market, it benefits job seekers to have a plethora of skills to showcase on their cover letter, resume and in interviews.

3. Managerial experience.

Whether it's managing projects, balancing multiple tasks or training a group of new employees, a business management degree will equip you with the necessary leadership skills in a professional setting. Furthermore, business management degree programs are popular among students who aspire to eventually run their own business.

4. Opportunity to climb the ladder.

If you're finding it challenging to climb the corporate ladder, consider what a degree in business management could do for the advancement of your career. Distance learning is a particularly popular choice in this scenario since students may keep their full-time jobs while going to school online.

5. Become more well-rounded.

Pursuing a business management degree will give you a better understanding of the competitive marketplace in which we live. It will also prepare you to feel more comfortable holding industry discussions with business professionals and potential employers.

For students who have pursued (or are pursuing) a business management degree, how has it impacted your career and your future? We'd love to hear your stories in the comments section below.

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