Business degrees are among the most popular for students attending online universities, and for good reason. A thorough understanding of economics, finance and business theories can pave the way for a variety of professionally rewarding careers.

Below is a list of six careers that are possible with an online business administration degree, along with the corresponding average median pay (the wage at which half of the workers in the occupation earned more than that amount, and half earned less), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

1. Marketing Manager: $108,260 annually

Marketing managers work to generate interest and sales of the product or service of their organization. Depending on the industry, marketing managers may take on many responsibilities, including pricing of products, advertising and identifying potential new markets. Creativity and business know-how, along with a master of business administration (MBA), will help marketing professionals climb the ladder to a managerial role.

2. Financial Analyst: $74,350 annually

Most financial analysts have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or higher. In order to advance, a master's degree (MBA, for instance) is commonly preferred. Financial analysts examine the performance of stocks, bonds and other types of investments by studying historical data and current trends. The BLS expects the career to grow 23% this decade, faster than the 14% average across all occupations.

3. Financial Advisor: $64,750 annually

Financial advisors direct and counsel their clients on investments, taxes, insurance decisions and overall financial decisions. An added bonus to pursuing a career as a financial advisor is the fact that the career is projected to grow a whopping 32% this decade. A bachelor’s degree in business administration is recommended, and an MBA will improve chances for advancement.

4. Accountant: $61,690 annually

If you are “left-brained" (if you don't know, find out here), logical and have a passion for numbers, a career as an accountant could be in your future. There are several types of accountants. Forensic accountants investigate white-collar crimes, including fraud and embezzlement, while management accountants keep track of an organization’s finances. Accountants may also work for the government to audit various government agencies, as well as auditing outside individuals and businesses to ensure they are following proper tax code.

bachelor's degree in accounting, a related business degree, is a popular and more specialized choice for aspiring accountants.

5. Public Relations Specialist: $57,550 annually

As a public relations specialist, your No. 1 priority is the public image of your organization. Strong writing and speaking skills are a plus, as public relations specialists often write material for press releases and occasionally act as the organization's spokesperson. With the growth of social media and the wide range of information available on the Internet, organizations are placing added emphasis on preserving their reputation. Employment of public relations professionals is expected to grow 23% this decade.

6. Meeting, Convention, Event Planners: $45,260 annually

These professionals are involved in the process and planning of putting together an event, meeting or convention. They plan everything, from the location to the catering to the transportation of the event. As an event planner, you can expect to spend time in an office and also on-site, meeting with vendors and attending the events that you plan. Personality traits of a successful event planner include: organized, personable and well-suited to perform in high-stress situations.

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