Unless you have the ability to type a magnificent research paper while listening to Five Finger Death Punch on your iPod at maximum volume (not recommended), you're probably like most students in online degree programs. The best work is typically completed in the quietest of environments.

However, finding a quiet environment to complete your online coursework may not be as simple as it seems.

Question of the day: Where are the best study spots for students in online degree programs?

We came up with a list of the following seven locations:

1. Library

While the library may be the most obvious choice to complete homework assignments, it remains the most effective destination that combines resources and atmosphere. Most libraries, along with their wide selection of reference books, offer wireless Internet connection, a quiet atmosphere and comfortable seating.

If you become easily distracted at home, the library is your clear-cut top option, provided you find a responsible sitter for your children, if applicable. If your presence at home is constantly required, your best place to study would naturally be ...

2. Home

Studying in the privacy of your own home (bedroom, couch, office) presents the best opportunity to focus on your schoolwork with minimal distractions. After all, you can't people-watch like you can at the library.

There's only one reason studying at home didn't take the top spot: Distractions still exist. Completing an assignment at home can become counter-productive if you become sidetracked with family matters, laundry, television, household chores, etc.

As a suggestion, designate a block of time every week to complete your studies without distractions, and discuss your goals with your spouse and/or children. Single parents, if you're the only one who can watch your children, power up your computer from the living room couch, so you can do your work while keeping an eye on the little ones.

3. Fresh Air

It's refreshing to occasionally escape the house for some fresh air, especially around this time of year. If it's convenient to visit the local park, pool or beach to study without distractions, take advantage. Some online students, particularly those who also care for a family, can't get away from the house as easily or as often. For these students, even a few minutes on the front/back porch with your studies can be effective for recharging the batteries.

4. Airplane/bus/subway/train

Do you have a trip planned? Getting ahead with your homework while traveling can pay off down the road (corny pun of the day). There's really nowhere to go when you sit in an airplane, for instance, so why not get ahead on your assignments and ease your workload in the process? Some airports also have complimentary Wi-Fi, so you could even submit assignments from some spots.

Furthermore, if you commute to work via bus, subway or train, you could get ahead on a reading assignment on the way to work and on the way home. Plus, the commute probably wouldn't seem as long.

5. Coffee shop/restaurant

If the coffee shop or restaurant doesn't have complimentary Wi-Fi, I wouldn't waste my time. Coffee shops can be productive to online students who don't mind a noisy environment. If noise bothers you, however, it's probably better to look elsewhere.

6. At Work

Online students who work a part- or full-time job could also find some time during the work day to complete homework assignments. Take caution with this option, though, to avoid total burnout. Don't rely on completing the entire school assignment during your hour-long lunch break, and don’t use time “on the clock” for assignments. Focus instead on getting ahead of your studies in bits and pieces, thereby easing your workload when you get home.

7. Community Center

If some of the above places are unrealistic options, visiting your local community center could work to your liking. Most community centers have rooms for working and studying, and some probably offer complimentary Wi-Fi.

What areas work best for you when studying for your online degree program? If we missed any on this list, be sure to post to the comments section below and let us know.