Help Others Maximize Their PotentialWe all know someone who, though they may work hard, is stuck in the same dead-end job they’ve had for years. They are missing the challenge and satisfaction that comes with a career, not to mention the better pay, benefits and long-term stability. We know they have the potential to achieve more if they could just finish their degree.

But how do you tell them that? Maybe they just need a friendly push, but bringing up the topic of going back to college can be difficult, even with someone we know very well.

At Grantham University, we know many people are hesitant to go back to school for a variety of reasons, and we’re here to help potential students navigate those obstacles or challenges. There are endless possibilities for someone once they achieve their educational goals; better opportunities, more confidence, less stress about supporting their family, more time to spend with their families, and more.

Here are some tips to help you through the back-to-school conversation.

  1. The Benefits of an Online University

Online learning is an ideal option for many busy adults. They’ll be able to learn on their own schedule when and where it’s most convenient. They’ll also be able to explore online program options in many in-demand career fields. Grantham has degree programs in business, engineering and computer science, nursing and allied health, and arts and sciences. For decades, we have been an entirely online university, and our courses are specifically designed for online learners and their needs.

  1. Immediate Impact

Depending on the university they choose, your family member or friend may be able to enroll and begin class in a matter of weeks. As an added benefit, they could immediately apply new knowledge and skills they learn to their current job as they go. Additionally, the impact of their education will radiate into other aspects of their life, empowering not only themselves, but also the people around them. Grantham offers monthly start dates to get students into the classroom as quickly as they are ready and to keep the momentum going to finish their degree.

  1. Career Services

Many students decide to earn their degrees in order to move up in the workforce. If someone you know wants to advance, tell them that in addition to high-quality education, Grantham offers career services. They’ll receive professional development assistance in creating a career plan, resume, network and more, from the minute they enroll all the way through and beyond graduation. Some companies even offer tuition reimbursement programs to encourage employees to go back to college and gain industry-relevant knowledge and skills. Many military members and veterans also find a degree helps them stand out to civilian employers.

  1. 24/7 Resources

Online colleges have complementary resources to help students with course material, prepare for tests, develop good study habits and more — Grantham takes this a step further. Our virtual Teaching & Learning Center is filled with tutorials, links to helpful articles and an extensive online library. Plus, they can live chat with faculty. If they need additional one-on-one help with a certain subject or topic, they can access 24/7, at no extra cost, or reach out to their instructors via email, chat or phone. Grantham instructors have a wealth of firsthand knowledge and experience in the fields they teach and are always happy to help.

  1. Committed Support

Knowing that students will have a solid support system - from beginning to end - can go a long way toward building confidence to take the next step. At Grantham, we believe student advising is crucial to our students’ success. Even though students at Grantham will learn independently, they’ll never be alone. A dedicated student advisor will always be within reach, via email, chat or phone. They will also check in regularly with them to discuss any challenges and offer guidance. What’s more, students don’t have to wait to become a student to get our help. We offer free career coaching to every potential enrollee.

  1. Student Discounts

Though student discounts alone aren’t reason to go back to school, they certainly are a perk — who doesn’t like to save money? Many businesses offer students discounts on everything from technology to clothes or even transportation.

  1. Affordable

Last, but definitely not least, you’ll want to discuss financial aid and scholarship opportunities with your family member or friend. Grantham offers numerous scholarships, even for nontraditional students, if they meet the requirements. Additionally, students can research federal financial aid opportunities, such as Pell Grants, before applying for student loans - which have to be repaid. Most students use a combination of scholarships, grants and loans to pay for their education. Our financial aid advisors can help your potential student determine the best options for them.

Encourage Them to Enroll Today

You know from personal experience the benefits of earning a degree. Now, use your insights to gently encourage someone else to go back to school at Grantham. We understand that modern, adult learners require the flexibility of online learning, without sacrificing the quality of education they would expect from a traditional university. Tell your family members, friends and acquaintances they can learn more about Grantham by visiting our website or calling 888-947-2684.