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‘Tell Me about Yourself’: Responding to Open-Ended Interview Questions

Interviews are often the most anxiety-inducing part of the job search. There are awkward handshakes, you’re trying to remember all the interviewers’ names, and you’re worried there is food in your teeth. But the main point of anxiety for many people is the interview questions — especially the inevitable ones with no clear answer. This includes one of the vaguest interview questions that appears nearly every time: “Tell us about yourself.” Your response to these four words can make or…Read +

Learn How Pursuing a Web Development Career Can Pay Off

With the booming expansion of technology in the last decade, web development is an exciting field that is still rapidly changing. Nearly everything we do on a daily basis involves programmed technology — our cars, navigation devices, computer networks, phones and even employee payroll systems. All of these work due to the simple fact that a not-so-simple code was written to tell each application what to do.1 A Burning Glass report showed that there were approximately seven million job openings…Read +

5 Skills to Help You Thrive in Computer Programming

What more do you need to be successful as a programmer than programming skills? A lot more, actually. Success in the industry depends on a combination of soft skills and technical knowledge. A programmer can only write a properly-working code with critical thinking skills, and he/she needs perseverance to create a complex program after a series of failures. Programmers will tell you there are a lot of specific skills that go into computer programming. According to some, however, they are…Read +

5 Social Media Tips to Help You Land a Great Job

Social media has become intertwined in how we go about our everyday lives. It’s everywhere … affecting the ways we interact with friends and family, and even how we tackle job searches. In fact, as you get closer to starting your career, or maybe pursuing a new field entirely, you’ll find social media can be a very useful professional tool with some great advantages. Social platforms — and we’re talking about more than just LinkedIn — can make job postings…Read +

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