Increasing Cyber Threats Worldwide Drive the Need for More Cyber Security

If you pay attention to the news, you’ve probably noticed that cyber threats are becoming more common throughout the world. And those who engage in cyber-attacks are becoming more adept as the tools necessary to carry out the attacks are becoming more available. With the increased threats comes an increased need for skilled cyber security professionals to counter the threats. Cyber Threats on the Rise A report released in July 2017 by Accenture Security found various cyber threats on the…Read +

Advice from John Wagner: Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

If you’re turning to Grantham University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, then you’ve come to the right place. At Grantham, you can expect to receive an education from highly skilled professionals with years of real-world law enforcement experience. One of the University’s Criminal Justice faculty members, John Wagner, has over 33 years of law enforcement experience and a strong passion for service. Previously, Wagner served in the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department; the Orange County, Calif.,…Read +

Community Building and the Changing Law Enforcement Career

Growing and developing police-community relationships is a two-way street. And that two-way street requires both open-minded members of the community and open-minded members of law enforcement. With police-community relationships becoming an increasingly urgent matter of public interest, it’s necessary to have healthy conversations about how each person can play their role in moving police-community relations in a positive direction. Whether you’re interested in a law enforcement career or simply passionate about the subject, there are steps you can take to…Read +

A Guide to Pursuing Careers in Homeland Security

As a criminal justice student at Grantham University, you have probably decided that you want to work for the government. And you’re not alone. The federal government employs over two million civilian workers – nearly 1.5 percent of all workers in the United States.1 With the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program at Grantham, we offer two concentrations so you can focus your career path in a specific direction: homeland security or computer science. If you are currently enrolled…Read +

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