Announcing New Business Administration and Paralegal ProgramsGrantham University students asked for new business administration and paralegal program options; we listened. At Grantham, we care about our students, and we’re proud to announce three new Bachelor of Business Administration program concentrations and our new Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies program. Each of these in-demand degree options will be delivered through our convenient 100 percent online format starting March 2019. Read on to learn more about these new programs and the careers you can pursue after graduation.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Programs

Grantham offers students a general BBA program without a specific concentration, as well as options that include concentrations in human resource management, logistics and supply chain management, procurement and contract management, and financial planning. Now, come March 2019, Grantham will offer a BBA with concentrations in marketing, general management, and operations management. Each of these programs will prepare you for a wide variety of roles within the business field. They also give you a strong foundation in business that sets you up for success in a master’s degree program.

BBA - Marketing

Students who choose the BBA program with a concentration in marketing will learn business fundamentals, as well as specialized skills directly related to careers in advertising, media and communications. The courses aim to help students become experts in targeting relevant audiences and developing effective messaging that conveys the benefits of a company or client’s products or services.

With your bachelor’s in business administration with a marketing concentration, you can work in several prominent roles in the field, such as account manager, marketing specialist or public relations consultant. The median salary for advertising, promotions and marketing managers is currently $129,380 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). What’s more, employment of this role is expected to grow 10 percent through 2026, faster than the national average for all other occupations.

BBA - General Management

To improve organizational processes, you must understand how to identify challenges in the workplace and address them using innovative tools and techniques. The general management concentration in our BBA program can help you gain these skills through coursework in business development and growth, leadership and decision making, and more.

After completing this program, you’ll be able to apply effective management methods, use technology to support strategic decisions, and examine organizations’ operational requirements. This degree will allow you to pursue a variety of management and executive-level roles, and BLS shows that top executives who hold a bachelor’s degree can earn a median annual salary of $104,700.

BBA - Operations Management

Our BBA with a concentration in operations management prepares students to help organizations run more smoothly and increase productivity, while enacting cost-effective measures that improve day-to-day operations. By learning the key theories, principals and concepts that relate to operations management, students can become leaders who are looked to for guidance regarding critical business initiatives.

When you complete this BBA program, you can pursue a career as an operations manager, which can earn you an average annual salary of $123,460, according to the most recent data. This role is available in almost every industry, including public and private organizations of all sizes.

Upon completing any of our BBA programs, you’ll be prepared to problem solve, think critically, communicate effectively and make an impact in a number of corporate settings. You will also develop a keen understanding of the ethical and social responsibilities that are vital in today’s global business environment.

AA -Paralegal Studies

If you have an interest in the law field, our new associate of arts degree in paralegal studies may be right for you. The program’s curriculum spans a range of foundational topics, including legal research and writing, interviewing and investigating, and various types of law. Strong communication skills will also be a focus, since you will likely assist busy lawyers who will rely on you as they work with clients, other lawyers, witnesses and key professionals in the judicial system.

Once you complete this associate degree program, you can pursue career opportunities as a paralegal. Currently, the median annual salary for paralegals is $50,410, according to BLS. Additionally, the career outlook for this position is strong, with a projected growth of 15 percent through 2026. That’s more than double the national average of 7 percent for all occupations.

Prepare for the Next Step With Grantham

Now you have even more opportunities to pursue the career you want with Grantham — and less excuses to put off your education and future. All of our programs are 100 percent online, so you can fit coursework into your schedule. Plus, we offer an array of scholarships and financial aid, including military-specific programs, to make our high-quality education as affordable as possible.


Classes in our new Bachelor of Business Administration and Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies programs start in March 2019. Contact Grantham today to learn more, discuss your financial aid options and take the first steps toward enrollment.