ashley pageCommunication is not always as simple as typing 140 characters into a little box. It often requires communication skills, research, keeping an audience’s attention and a lot of explanation.

Pictures, graphs, advertisements, videos, simple conversations and debates all try to convey a specific message, and the aim is to get people to accept or understand that message. This happens in business, sales, health care, politics and even personal relationships.

Because it is such an important skill that will come up in everyday life, Grantham University aims to teach students a range of communication techniques. This is only possible with the guidance of motivated and experienced faculty members. One such person is Ashley Page, whose university involvement and musical hobbies highlight her passion for communication.

Involved and Motivated

Page has been a major asset to the Grantham community for several years. Her involvement stretches far beyond teaching.

As a full-time Foundations Faculty member at Grantham, Page teaches courses in communication. When she’s not teaching students how to be effective communicators, she’s helping the university with materials and statements for different projects and organizations.

Communication is not just something she teaches, it’s what she excels at as a member of the Grantham community. She is a member of the University Council, faculty committee and policy subcommittee. Page assists with the planning of various events for the school, works with different faculty departments and helps ensure all university programs and policies are carefully created with the best interests for the students.

Even her ideal superpowers center around being a motivated and productive educator. If she could choose any superpower, Page says that she would like super speed. Why? “I could get a lot done and it would be fun!”

Philosophy for Success

The process of learning is not an easy one. Everyone involved with higher education knows there are ups and downs. Students may face a difficult class or not do as well on an exam as they hoped. Page’s personal philosophy is one of the reasons she is such an impactful educator. She says it’s important to “find the bright side of things and focus on the good.”

With a love of communication, it’s no surprise Page has a knack for inspiring and motivating students. She not only wants them to think positively throughout the process of earning their degrees, but she wants all students to use their experiences, communication skills and knowledge for good. She explains this with one of her favorite quotes by Jeanne Mayo: “True freedom isn’t the right to do what you want. Instead, it is the power to do what you should.”

Importance of Communication

Ask Ashley Page — and a lot of other experts — what the most important skill is for a successful life and career and the answer is simple: communication. The ability to work with others and communicate ideas effectively across a variety of mediums is required for all careers.

It’s important that students learn not only how to communicate within their field but with people of different backgrounds. An article about the importance of communication explains, “When we enter professional life, we immerse ourselves in the jargon and principles of our chosen field and obediently follow precepts laid out by our respective priesthoods. Yet we rarely put serious effort toward expressing ourselves in a language that can be understood by those outside our tribe.”1 This inability to communicate is one of the leading reasons why efforts fail.

For this reason,Grantham offers extensive communication courses that prepare students for all forms of communication.

Master Communication at Grantham

At Grantham University, students are trained by experienced faculty members like Ashley Page who bring motivation and passion to the classroom. From composition to public speaking, all our programs highlight the ability to work with others and express knowledge and new ideas.

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