Brandi RiceWe all have experiences in life that knock us down at times. What matters most is how we move forward from those experiences. Brandi Rice turns them into motivation to push herself harder to succeed. As a working parent and Grantham medical coding and billing student, Rice is working hard toward a career she can appreciate in the future.

We had a chance to chat with Rice about her experience as a student at Grantham University.

Grantham University: Why did you decide to pursue an online degree? What made you pick Grantham?

Brandi Rice: I wanted to acquire an education and skills that will allow me to pursue better paying employment. I found out about Grantham through a family member who was attending at the time. I asked a lot of questions and decided Grantham would be a good fit for me.

GU: What were you feeling prior to starting the program and why?

BR: After I enrolled it seemed like a lifetime before my first day of class. I was thrilled to be going forward with my education.

GU: Once you started the program, how did you feel and what made you feel that way?

BR: Within my first week of class I felt right at home, totally comfortable. The people at Grantham and the way things are set up make things easy.

GU: What do you like best about Grantham University, and about your particular degree program?

BR: Grantham, as a whole, has been amazing to this point. I have had the best team of people making sure I have everything I need. The classes are set up in a way that it is very easy to understand and navigate. My degree program has been wonderful. I have learned so much and it meets my expectations repeatedly.

GU: Describe the support you have received from the faculty and staff at Grantham. Is there anyone specific who has been a particular help to you?

BR: My student adviser contacts me on a regular basis just to check in and acknowledge my hard work and good grades. The staff associated with Grantham has been upstanding and personable.

GU: How do you stay motivated?

BR: I live by a to-do list and deadlines I set for myself within the due dates in class. Slacking off and procrastination are not an option, and even on days that I do not want to do anything, I still read my material and post discussion responses.

GU: Describe your life and schedule outside of your schoolwork.

BR: I live a very structured life. I am a creature of habit, and I am always looking for ways to make all of my time count. It can be very hectic to juggle work, college and a family, but at the end it will be worth it.

GU: What is your proudest accomplishment?

BR: I have been in school for nearly a year and I have maintained a GPA of 4.0, which is huge to me. I never took my education seriously when I was younger and now, at nearly 40 years old, I am making leaps and bounds.

GU: What are your goals after you complete your degree?

BR: I plan to seek employment in a local hospital or doctor’s office.

GU: Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about going back to school?

BR: Make a conscious decision and follow all the way through with it. It is demanding, but very rewarding.

GU: What are you most passionate about? What drives you in life?

BR: I lost my parents at a very young age and that has always pushed me. Suffering a lot of heartbreak can ruin a person, but I use it as motivation to better my life experience.

GU: What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?

BR: I am a nut ball with a vast sense of humor, and I go out of my way to find the good in people. The world is a cold place and kindness is free, so I give it often to people. A smile and hello can turn someone’s day around.

GU: If someone were to tell your story, what is the number one thing you want the listener to know about you?

BR: I always find the bright side of things.

GU: Do you have a tip that can help other students like you?

BR: Any situation is manageable. The key is in how you perceive and react to it.

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