Halloween Party

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween party? At Grantham, we sure do. But we know it can be hard for busy students on a budget. This year, though, Halloween can be different. Don’t let expensive costumes and fancy party decorations get in the way of your fun.

Follow these easy tips for creating a budget-friendly party on a time-sensitive schedule, and you’ll have your friends and family wishing it was Halloween all the time.

The Fright Factor

Decorations are important for your Halloween party, but that doesn’t mean you have to take time away from class or hurt your wallet in the process. One of the best ways to save money and time while planning your party is to dig around the house and see what you can find. Here are a few decoration ideas that require minimal purchases:

• Have any tall striped socks? Put them on your table legs with an old pair of black shoes, then top it off with a tablecloth.
• Before you get rid of those glass bottles, spray paint them black and add handwritten labels to create your new poison collection.
• Fill up clear pillar glasses halfway with candy corn and place a tea light on top for some fun, ambient lighting.
• Use mason jars to create the look of a mad scientist’s laboratory. Fill the mason jars with water, then add green food coloring and creepy creatures, like your child’s rubber insects.
• Save up your empty milk jugs and when the party rolls around, you can draw scary faces on them and fill them with water and a glow stick for a festive way to light your walkway.

To add a special touch to the fright factor you have already created for your Halloween party, see what fun, festive decorations your local dollar store has!


Bring your own pumpkin, that is.

Keep your guests involved (and save yourself from going over budget) by instructing your guests to bring their own pumpkin for a pumpkin carving station. The activity is free for you, and your guests will be able to leave with a jack-o-lantern in hand!

Spooky Snacks

What is a Halloween party without snacks shaped like bleeding fingers and exposed organs? Luckily, creating these treats doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. For example, it can be as simple as making a cheese tray in the shape of a pumpkin. And if you want to make it extra easy, have all of your guests bring their own festive treat for a Halloween potluck.

If you have time outside of working toward your degree, try making these fun treats:

• Turn plain old hotdogs into severed fingers with these instructions.
• Make slimy green popcorn using this recipe.
• Add orange food coloring to your Rice Krispies treats, form into a pumpkin shape and top with a mini Tootsie Roll as the stem.

Witches’ Brew

“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble…”1

While your Halloween party punch may not cast any scary spells on your guests, with minimal effort, it can add a festive touch.

• Turn any kind of punch instantly Halloween party-worthy, by fitting the punch bowl inside of a hollowed-out pumpkin.
• Fill a rubber glove with water and freeze it. Once it’s frozen, remove the rubber glove. Not only do you now have a hand floating in your caldron, but it will keep your punch cold throughout the party! And if you’re feeling adventurous, before freezing the glove, add green or red food coloring to the water.
• Create a green punch using lemonade, pineapple juice, ginger ale and lemon lime Kool-Aid. Top with a few plastic bugs (large enough that they can’t be accidentally swallowed) and a sign stating “Bug Juice.”

Get into Character

What is a Halloween party without Halloween costumes? There is no need to fear over-priced store-bought costumes, especially when you can make your own D.I.Y. costume for less! Homemade Halloween costumes can be a great way to incorporate some fun into your party.

Whether you are thinking about a costume for yourself or a group costume for your friends or family, here are a few ways to become inspired:
• Recent movies
• Iconic characters
• Animals
• A play on words

And never underestimate the classic characters of Halloween. With a white bedsheet in the linen closet, you already have a ghost costume!

Now, Go Plan Your Halloween Party!

With these tips, you can throw a memorable Halloween party without taking focus away from your work, your family or your online classes. At Grantham, we want our students to have a work-life balance, especially when it comes to festive holidays with the family, like Halloween.

Contact us today to find out how you can tackle your education in the midst of your busy schedule!

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