distance educationIn the past, it was common to get a job with a high school education and make a living wage. But in today’s competitive economy, a high school diploma is no longer enough to get ahead, and many people are turning to online learning for advancing their education.

Higher education is so important to the continued growth and success of our economy, and what better time than the week the nation comes together to celebrate higher education? The celebration recognizes the importance of collegiate degrees, and is also a time to inspire those currently considering furthering their own education. If you or someone you know is thinking about pursuing your education, this day is for you.

Higher Education Meets Online Learning

Higher education not only improves your competitiveness in the job market, it also enriches and improves you as a person and working professional.

Of course, in this busy age, not everyone’s schedule can accommodate the traditional classroom. Luckily, there are other options available for someone who wants more education but is perhaps juggling a full-time job or is the full-time family caretaker.

With the Internet, and the rise of digital communication, is it any surprise that online learning is more popular than ever?

The benefits are numerous:
- Tailor education around your schedule
- Study from anywhere
- Use the benefits of digital technology to stay in touch with your professors

As people continue to rely on online learning to keep their lives flexible and make their learning location independent, Grantham University will continue to provide students with a quality education.

Why Choose Distance Education?

Grantham is a leader in online learning with 66 years of experience in the industry. We have embraced innovations in distance education from the very beginning. Grantham was one of the first universities to foresee the rise of distance education, and began offering exclusively online programs in the late ‘90s. Now, as a 100 percent online institution with more than 50 degrees in a variety of fields, ranging from business to arts and sciences, you’re sure to find a program to help you reach your education and professional goals.

Today you can take classes with Grantham to pursue a certificate, an associate, bachelor’s or even master’s degree from the comfort of your own home.

Grantham’s Role in Higher Education

Throughout Grantham’s history, the university has consistently received awards highlighting both its innovation and excellence in the digital learning field, as well as its support of military and veteran students. Grantham was recently named a top military-friendly school by Military Advanced Education and Transition (MAE&T) for the ninth consecutive year, has been recognized by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and has received many other accolades over the years.

Even now, the university remains on the cutting edge of online learning, as evidenced by Dr. Cheryl Hayek, special advisor to the Grantham University President, being recently elected to a three-year term for the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

The goal of the DEAC is to keep the standard of distance learning high, so students receive the best online education possible. Not only was Dr. Hayek recently elected to this prestigious position, she has also been heavily involved with DEAC for the past eight years. Bottom line — you know you’re in good hands with Grantham.

Starting Your Journey in Higher Education

Even with all these benefits, higher education can seem like a luxury to many people, as the costs of tuition blossom at an incredibly high rate. This week, remember how a college education can inspire people to reach great heights. And, if those heights still seem out of reach, there are scholarships and financial aid available to help you achieve your goals. Grantham also has some great programs for military students to supplement military benefits and help with the various costs of earning a degree.

Whether you’re working full time, and want to get ahead with some computer science classes, or you’re working in the healthcare industry and trying to advance your career around odd hours, Grantham has classes and support resources for you.

To all current and prospective students: Grantham is proud of you for pursuing higher education. Remember to check out Grantham’s more than 50 different degree and certificate programs to find one that could be the right fit for you!

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