Things to Know about Criminal JusticeDo you want to work in a professional environment where you can make an impact every day? If so, then Grantham has the perfect program for you: criminal justice. With a bachelor’s degree from our criminal justice program, you can pursue a career in many different fields, including corrections, law enforcement, investigations and more.

Grantham’s criminal justice program can help you gain a thorough understanding of the criminal justice system so you are prepared for a promising career in the field. There are a variety of opportunities open to students who successfully earn their criminal justice degree, and our career services staff can help you find the right match.

Here are a couple key things to know about our online criminal justice program:

1. You can develop your knowledge in one of two concentrations:

Homeland Security Concentration

Some of our electives concentrate specifically on homeland security. These courses allow you to gain the knowledge necessary to prepare you to keep the nation safe from any threats we might face, whether that be terrorism, protection of our nation’s borders or national disasters. At Grantham, our criminal justice program can provide you with the qualification you need to begin work in various areas of homeland security.

With courses that explore terrorism, border and coastal security, and emergency planning, you can gain a better understanding of everything “homeland security” entails.

As a graduate of our criminal justice program, you can start your career with the Department of Homeland Security and work side-by-side with others to prevent terrorism, secure borders, and enforce and administer immigration laws in a diverse workforce that spans hundreds of occupations.

Computer Science Concentration

A concentration in computer science can start you on the path toward a promising career in criminal justice. Computers and technology have become increasingly important in the criminal justice field, from tracking illegal immigrants to network encryption. With an education emphasizing computer science, you can work in multiple areas in the criminal justice industry.

With a concentration in computer science, your criminal justice program focus will involve:

  • Handling and manipulating information based on computer crime
  • Computer forensics
  • Ethical hacking
  • Computer crime scene investigation
  • Criminal intelligence analysis

After completion of our computer science-focused criminal justice program, you will find yourself with an education that has prepared you to go far in the criminal justice field.

2. You Can Select Electives That Are Most Useful for Achieving your Goals

With our criminal justice program, you have the opportunity choose electives that are outside of your concentration for a well-rounded education. Although electives are grouped by concentration, you can pick courses that most interest you outside of your core course requirements.

If you choose not to focus on one of our outlined concentrations, we recommend certain classes that provide the foundation for a solid knowledge base in criminal justice.

The following electives are highly recommended to students who choose not to focus on a concentration:

  • Multicultural Law Enforcement
  • Police Community Relations
  • Victimology
  • Advanced Criminal Law
  • Judicial Process

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