cyber security jobsWith more people relying on the internet for their daily needs, it’s no surprise that cyber security jobs are on the rise. Technology has created an interconnected, collaborative world that adds value, ease and fun to many areas of our life. But, with the added benefits of technology, also comes heightened security crime and threats.

Cybersecurity risks change daily and, whether we realize it or not, these risks play a role in every part of our technological lives and society – from political to military to personal security risks. Now, more than ever, our society needs cybersecurity experts who can aid in protecting companies, organizations, individuals and even the government from the risk of cyberattacks, data breaches and more.

You may be wondering exactly what cybersecurity is and whether our technology truly is at risk. If you want to know what degree programs are available to jump start a career in cybersecurity, keep reading.

Where Technology and Security Meet

Cybersecurity employees oversee every aspect of technology to ensure that networks, computers, programs and their data are secure and safe from hackers, malware and unintended public exposure.¹
In short, cybersecurity professionals help protect computer and web databases from things such as stolen money, unauthorized disclosure of data, the production and distribution of child pornography, banking and financial fraud, intellectual property violations and many other crimes.²

Within the cybersecurity field are a number of different job options. Grantham’s Cybersecurity Concepts Certificate, Advanced Cybersecurity Certificate and Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security programs can prepare you for a diverse range of cyber security jobs, including a security analyst, a security code auditor and even a cryptographer – just to name a few. Government agencies, tech companies, and the banking industry are among many sectors that are actively looking to hire cyber security professionals.

A Career Field with Present and Future Rewards

The number of cybercrimes continues to increase, and a study conducted by Security Intelligence tells us that a large majority of them go unnoticed.3 Cybercrimes can cause substantial damage both financially and personally. According to the Ponemon Institute -- an independent privacy, data and protection research firm – the average cost of a data breach is about $7 million – a 7 percent increase from what it was a decade ago.4

With the technology field expanding so quickly and the increased risk of cybersecurity attacks, cyber security jobs are necessary to keep businesses, corporations, the military and the government running smoothly. As of 2016, there are over half a million job openings available in IT fields like cybersecurity. What’s even more encouraging is that the demand for cyber security jobs is expected to increase by 53 percent. On top of that, the average IT-related job earns a salary at least 50 percent higher than the average private sector job.

Cyber Security Jobs are More than just a Pay Check

A hefty paycheck and job security are undoubtedly great benefits, but working in cybersecurity can also give you valuable transferable skills that can be used in your day-to-day life. In your cybersecurity job, you can cultivate your problem-solving skills and develop attention to detail, as cyber security jobs require that you pay close attention to even the smallest computer and technical issues. It can also help you think about and predict future outcomes through problem-solving and critical thinking. And, of course, working in cybersecurity gives you knowledge about technological developments and problems, keeping you ahead of the game.

Get Started at Grantham and Work Toward a Job in Cybersecurity

Fortune Magazine projected that, in the near future, it may be impossible to fill the huge demand for cybersecurity workers.5 This may be bad news for companies and corporations, but it is excellent news for people like you, who are pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

Grantham University’s cyber security programs can equip you for all different types of cybersecurity careers. Over half a million cyber security jobs are waiting for you. Take the first step today and get your cybersecurity degree. To learn more about Grantham University’s Cybersecurity Concepts Certificate, Advanced Cybersecurity Certificate and Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security programs, don’t wait any longer. Contact us today!

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