project managementSince the beginning of time, great examples of project management have permeated history – the creation of the Great Pyramid of Giza in 2570 BC, the building of the Great Wall of China in 208 BC, the construction of the world’s greatest baseball stadium, Wrigley Field, in 1916 (shameless plug, but us Cubs fans have waited 108 years for this beautiful moment in the sun). These massive undertakings took planning, concentrated implementation and extreme resource management.

What is even more impressive is that project management training in the modern sense wasn’t even fully recognized until the 1950s. So, before there was even the role of a Project Manager, people have been applying the tools and techniques of project management to their professions. Since the 1950s, project management field has exploded within the realm of education, and has become an extremely useful tool to keep in your professional arsenal.

In 2014, I decided to pursue my Master of Business Administration – Project Management degree through Grantham University, even though I had no desire to become a project manager. Now you are probably wondering, “Why would she do such a crazy thing if she has no interest in becoming a project manager?” My answer is simple: Even though I am not a project manager, I know that the tools and techniques of project management and business administration can apply daily in any career I choose.

I learned quickly after finishing my undergraduate degree, a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, that even if I did land a career that falls specifically under my degree, I would need skills other than a knowledge of politics to succeed and that there is vast versatility of roles in any job. I wanted to advance in my company, and realized I needed to earn a master’s degree to do it.

Because this was such a large decision about my future, I made a list of exactly what I was looking for in a master’s degree. I wanted a better understanding of time and resource management, practical exercises of how to be more efficient and strategic in a business setting, and something that would help me learn new methods for organizing information that comes from numerous channels at a very fast pace. I immediately found that an MBA could teach me all of these skills. And then when I stumbled upon the project management option, I immediately knew I had found exactly what I was looking for.

Throughout my degree program, I learned the importance of time management and organization from the beginning to the end of a project’s life. I realized the value of strategizing and planning, being aware of resources and respecting the workflow and timeline of the project. Not only did my MBA-PM give me a foundation for understanding project management in general, it also taught me how to break a project down into manageable parts, and to discover the best techniques for success and allocating resources to ensure the project’s completion. I found I was able to work my full-time job and advance within my company, all while learning more efficient ways to do my job. And it was all because of the practical examples in each week’s online project management course lesson.

Earning my MBA-PM at Grantham was not only a proud moment for me and my family, as I was the first to graduate college (let alone to go back for a master’s degree), but it was also a very big career step for me. I am looking forward to making the most of this degree, and applying it to all aspects of my professional life.

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