Finishing Your Degree at Grantham UniversityWere you affected when select Argosy University campuses were forced to close their doors in 2018 or their financial aid had been cut in 2019? Did your options seem bleak and limited to pursuing any of the following opportunities in the wake of the Argosy campus closures1?:

  • Transfer credits to a state-approved “teach-out” school
  • Continue schooling via an Argosy online program
  • Self-manage transfer to another university (with no guarantee of transfer credit approval)
  • Pursue a federal loan discharge (loan forgiveness)

We know you have questions and Grantham University has the answers. Don’t waste the time and effort you’ve invested in your education. We can help you complete the journey.

Grantham University – Fully Accredited, 100% Online, and Transfer-Friendly

Grantham University can make the transition easier by evaluating your prior coursework and training to determine which course credits can be transferred and applied to any our degree programs. Our first priority is helping students earn their degree. We’ll make sure you get the credit you deserve! Right now, Argosy University students can transfer up to 75% of an undergraduate program’s credits (and up to 25% of at graduate program) to Grantham University.

 Moving Forward with Your Studies

Earning your degree sets you up for greater career success, with better opportunities for higher salaries, career advancement and increased job satisfaction. We know that you chose to begin a degree program in order to enhance your career aspirations and reach long-term goals. Grantham is the place to finish that journey and reach your goals.

As with every student, we want to make sure you are fully informed about your decision to proceed with earning your degree. If you choose to attend Grantham University, or any other college/university, you would be forfeiting your eligibility to appeal for forgiveness of your student loans acquired at Argosy University as a closed-school loan discharge through the Department of Education.  Visit the Office of Federal Student Aid online for more information about how students enrolled at Argosy University may be impacted.

Connect with Grantham University

If you’re seeking an online program to help you complete a degree program or need assistance in choosing which degree is best for you – Grantham is eager to help. Here are just some of the benefits of pursuing and earning a degree at Grantham University. You can contact us by phone at (833)-288-3483 or fill out an information request form online to learn more about how Grantham University can support you in this next phase of your educational journey.

1 “Argosy University/Art Institute Closing.” Colleges & Universities - Colorado Department of Higher Education,