multidisciplinary life skillsMany people find it difficult to choose just one area of study in college, either because they are stuck between two interesting paths or they are worried they may choose one that doesn’t teach them the “right” skills for the job market.

Every program focuses on developing different skills within students, but you can also get a more comprehensive set of skills by combining two different disciplines. That is where a degree in multidisciplinary studies comes to the rescue. With this option offered by Grantham University, you can specialize the skill set you wish to put on your résumé.

The best part of getting a Multidisciplinary Studies degree is that you can combine two of your passions even if they are completely different. Do you want to develop your writing skills by taking English courses, and take more business-focused courses to learn the technical aspects behind different research strategies used in a professional setting? Good news is: You can! At Grantham, you can choose to shape your studies to get the specialized education you want.

With these four multidisciplinary skills, you can stand out to employers from a variety of fields:

1. Adaptability

In any field, you need versatile skills that can help you adapt to a challenging circumstance. This has long been the trick up good leaders’ sleeves. According to an article on, being flexible is the quality of a good leader; you can face a problem and use your skills to quickly find a solution.1 Employers know that if you are adaptable, you can handle abrupt changes and work through any issues.

With Grantham’s Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies, you can receive versatile training to give you the confidence and life skills to adapt to any role.

2. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is like common sense — it’s very important to have, but its absence can be hidden until it’s put to the test. Employers especially need to know if the candidates they are hiring can think critically and solve problems. But what exactly does critical thinking entail?

A piece in the Wall Street Journal explains that employers have a variety of definitions, but they all boil down to the same basic life skill: the ability to gather data, understand it and make the best decision with no personal bias.2

Business consultant Steve Siebold, in an article on critical thinking from, says he believes the ability to think critically sheds light on the type of person (and worker) you are. He says, “Critical thinkers are open-minded, confident, decisive, not reliant on others' approval and able to see past their emotions when making choices.”3 At the end of the day, no matter what industry you seek to work in, having an open mind and being confident in your own decisions can take you far.

If you’re wondering how to develop your critical thinking skills, don’t worry: The Bachelor of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies focuses on this as you take in skills from a range of fields and apply them to the unique career path you pick for yourself!

3. Communication

You’re probably thinking that this is the most over-used term in any article about life skills and jobs. However, in a time when people frequently speak through technology, employers are desperately seeking candidates who are effective communicators.

In a survey with 600 employers, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) discovered that employers sought communication first and foremost in new hires because they want “people who can speak well, write well, listen to others, present well, sell ideas to others, and negotiate with others.”

Communication skills were ranked “twice as important as managerial skills” by the employers when they were asked to order skills based on workplace necessity.4

So, there is a reason why “communication” is always used in those articles about life skills and jobs, and at Grantham, a multidisciplinary studies degree can help you grow in your ability to communicate well.

4. An Appreciation of Diversity

Whether you aim to work in a small business or for a multinational corporation, openness to diversity is a life skill that will benefit you in several areas of your life.

Diversity does not just apply to nationality, sexuality or religious backgrounds. It also encompasses differences in attitudes, working styles, personal preferences and much more. The ability to maintain a mindset that is open to your environment can show employers that you are adaptable and respectful toward those around you.

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