travis forbesAs a university founded on the principle of “Serving Those Who Serve®,” Grantham attracts exceptional faculty members, who are devoted public servants, dedicated to serving those who serve.

Forbes, a General Education faculty member, has spent 25 years in local government and is the Chief of Police at the Lee’s Summit, Mo., Police Department. He has dedicated both his work, in education and as a police officer, and his personal life, to serving others.

We had a chance to learn a little bit more about Forbes’ lifelong dedication to service and why Grantham is a great fit for him:

Grantham University: What brought you to Grantham?

Travis Forbes: I have always had a desire to teach, and I was looking for a university that offers strong academic challenges to the adult learner. Grantham is actually local to my area, and I found that I knew some faculty and administrators at the time. It was a natural fit!

GU: What do you like best about being a member of the faculty at Grantham?

TF: I enjoy the interaction with the students. They come from diverse backgrounds and places throughout the world. I have always found that as much as I can teach students, I also learn from them.

GU: How do you provide support to your students?

TF: It is very important in an online environment to be responsive and interactive. Because we are separated by distance, it is important for students to know that I’m available.

GU: How does a degree from Grantham help people accomplish their goals?

TF: There are two major reasons why a degree is beneficial to achieving goals. First, the education received is applicable to present and future careers. Second, earning a degree is a significant indicator of one’s ability to achieve what they set their mind to.

GU: Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about going back to school?

TF: A college education is a significant commitment. Make certain you can devote the time to the task. Learning is what you put into it, so you don’t want to commit yourself to an education without being able to give 100%.

GU: Do you have a particular research concentration? Give us some highlights of your research.

TF: My research has focused upon my field of work: law enforcement. I authored a book on crime scene investigation in 2008 and am an active member in police chief associations.

GU: What is your proudest accomplishment?

TF: My proudest accomplishment is obtaining my current position of police chief.

GU: What are you most passionate about? What drives you in life?

TF: I enjoy public service. I am driven to help others in society. I am honored to work in a career where I can do that, in addition to personal time that I devote to the endeavor.

GU: What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?

TF: I’m not that interesting! I’m a huge fan of the band Switchfoot and have met them in person four times.

GU: If someone were to tell your story, what would you want them to know about you?

TF: I am fair and devoted to improving my community.

GU: Do you have a tip that could help the type of students taking your classes?

TF:The number one indicator of a successful student is “reverse procrastination.” I have found class after class that students who commit to submitting their work early, 90 percent of the time, are the most successful, and students who delay completing coursework until the last minute, 90 percent of the time, struggle the most. Time management is key!

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