military spouseIn her nearly 17 years of service as an active duty Air Force member, Del Rio, Texas, resident Jessica Fleurimond said she could not have done her job without her husband, Adam Fleurimond, by her side. Adam’s devotion to Jessica earned him the title of Grantham University's Military Spouse of the Year —announced on Friday, May 12.

The couple, who met at a wedding, became involved in each other’s lives, providing support and compassion through the ups and downs of life and creating a foundation for their relationship.

After sharing with Adam that she had suffered the loss of stillborn twins a few months prior to meeting him, Jessica expected him to turn away, not wanting to date someone who came with baggage. But he surprised her with constant support and care as she moved forward with life and continued her military duties despite the devastation.

The support Adam provided Jessica as she mourned was a characteristic he has maintained throughout their relationship and into their marriage, Jessica said. Adam helps raise their child and every single day, he supports Jessica through the demands of her military career.

Being a Military Spouse

When it comes to Jessica’s job, being a dedicated employee is an understatement.

She was deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan, for five and a half months, went on a short tour to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey and relocated. But whether she is away or serving her military duties at home, Adam stays by her side.

Even while he works as a secretary for a medical squadron commander and helps raise their 11-year-old son, Giovani, Jessica said Adam “is always on board and 110% supportive of what I want and what the military requires of me.”

When Jessica heard about Grantham's Military Spouse of the Year Contest, she knew she had to nominate Adam.

The contest, which celebrates the valuable contributions and sacrifices of all military spouses – our “Home Front Heroes” – asked active duty service members and veterans to submit one-minute, selfie-style videos describing why they thought their spouses deserved the top honor. Jessica’s winning video described Adam as resilient, strong, patient, dedicated, adaptable, flexible, and most importantly, the “superhero” to her story.

“He is always encouraging me, rooting me on, giving me the time that I need to study for a promotion or assuring me that I am who I am and that is what makes me a great leader, a great person,” Jessica said. “He takes care of our son, and whenever I’m too tired to get him ready for school, he jumps right in and takes care of it.”

Riding the Waves of Military Life

When Jessica is away, Adam balances work and family life by trying to stick with a plan “while riding the waves,” he said.

And it isn’t all hard work all the time.

As a youth coach, Adam focuses on creating a special bond with his son over their shared passion for sports. “We spend our time being as goofy and messy as possible. We also play sports and watch movies,” he said.

In his spare time, Adam is also passionate about photography — a skill he uses to help Jessica’s Airmen.

“He has done complimentary photo shoots for Mother’s Day, retirement ceremonies and senior portraits. He has lent them a hand with whatever they may need. He even offered up an opportunity for one of my troubled Airmen to be a part of the coaching staff for a youth baseball team. As a result, this Airman has a new sense of belonging and is able to share his passion with the youth athletes,” Jessica said.

Grantham’s Military Spouse of the Year

Adam’s unfailing support is what led Jessica to nominate him for Military Spouse of the Year. With more than 66 years of commitment to military service members and veterans, this contest represented one of the core values that sets Grantham apart from other institutions: Serving Those Who Serve®.

When asked what qualities could make Adam the winner of the competition, Jessica said her response was easy. “His moral integrity, kindness, big heart, passion for helping others … and truth be told, he embodies the Air Force core value of Service Before Self. He will take care of someone else before he takes care of himself,” she said.

Out of the top five videos submitted, Jessica’s video about Adam was chosen as the winner. The couple was awarded with dinner for themselves and 10 guests of Adam’s choosing — for up to a $500 value. The runner-up couples, including Judy Flanagan/Gerald Flanagan, Trina Davis/Ryan Davis, Denise Salters/Rashad Salters, and Rachel Person/Sebastian Person, were each awarded a $25 gift card, and their videos were showcased from May 8 – May 11 on Grantham University’s Facebook page.

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