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As summer winds down and we start seeing empty pools, displays of pens, paper and notebooks, and big yellow buses, that can only mean one thing: It is back-to-school time again. No matter if you are continuing from one term to another (or even if you’re just thinking about continuing your education), this time of year still feels like a great time to get back into the swing of your school routine.

The next new start at Grantham University is an opportunity to have your best year yet! Whether it is your first year or your fourth, whether you’ve been in school all summer or you’re coming back after a long hiatus, a fresh start to the fall session can help set you up for success for your upcoming courses and beyond.

Create a routine

One of the best ways to make sure you stay on top of your schedule is to make sure you know what it is! Having a regular routine in place provides stability and predictability—and frees up energy for getting things done and not getting stuck worrying about what is coming up next.

Draw up your calendar in advance and coordinate it with your family members or roommates. And don’t hesitate to schedule everything from discussion posts and due dates to grocery shopping and time at the gym. Time can slip away quickly without prioritizing the tasks and activities that are most important to you. Productivity starts with planning, as long as you stick with it.

Back to school, back to sleep

If a routine is important, sleep is critical—and not just to your general well-being. It also impacts your motivation and productivity. If you’ve been staying up late all summer, now is the time to start prioritizing your rest again. Getting good sleep on a regular basis helps you stay sharp by giving your mind and body a chance to recuperate and prepare to be energized and focused the next day.

Try to go to bed at the same time each night. Wake up the same each morning. And avoid taking too many naps. Also consider focusing on good sleep hygiene: Minimize light, keep the temperature cool and turn off all your screens (at least an hour before bedtime, if possible).

Reliable computer, supplies and more

Don’t get caught without the tools you need to be a good student. It may be tempting to wait until the last moment to get your school supplies, but your sanity will appreciate having everything ready to go in advance. It’s important to test your computer access, internet service, necessary software and anything else you need to complete your coursework. Preparation now can prevent some anxious moments down the road.

One more thing: At Grantham, we are committed to helping each of our students succeed in an online learning environment and in life. That is why we offer students services like the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), the Veteran Support Team (VST), whitepapers and webinars, and our Career Services team —so you can find the support you need both in and out of the virtual classroom. Plus, your dedicated student advisor will be there whenever you need a hand to answer your questions and help guide you along the way.

Bonus tips!

Get organized

An organized physical space can promote an organized mental space. Clean out your old files (including your digital ones), create a dedicated study space and get ready to get to work.

Be wary of the Internet

Being an online school is great and the internet can be a great way to do research, get answers to questions and communicate with your peers. But it can also lead to a rabbit hole of web searches, hanging out on social media and getting caught up on email. Be careful and cautious of your time.

Give yourself a break

Working hard is important, but getting great grades at the expense of your sanity is not a good way to start the school year. Keep space in your days for hobbies, family and time to just breathe.

Ready for a successful school year at Grantham University? Classes start every month, so your back-to-school season can start any time! Talk to our admissions team today to learn more and to begin the enrollment process.

About The Author

Shauna Lawrence is a project manager on Grantham University’s marketing team. As the university’s former social media strategist, Shauna has a passion for connecting with others and building a sense of community among all Grantham stakeholders. She holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics and marketing from Kansas State University and is currently working on her MBA at Grantham University.