veteran students"Serving Those Who Serve Us." This Grantham University motto expresses the pride we take in our ability to cater to veteran students. Not only was the entire institution shaped by the vision of WWII Veteran Donald Grantham in 1951, it was founded to support members of the military who want to earn their degree.

Grantham is committed to all veterans and active military members, and understands the challenges that may come along with having one of those titles. This deep-rooted understanding places Grantham in a unique position to provide education services that benefit our military veteran student population in a variety of ways, allowing them to defend their future and get their degree.

Grantham University Offers Military Benefits

Some of the services we provide for our veterans include special military veteran rates on tuition, veterans’ scholarships, a convenient weekly enrollment cycle, military education benefits, and the opportunity to learn and study with fellow veteran students.

The faculty and staff at Grantham includes many former service members, so we are acutely aware of how difficult it can be for our veteran students to juggle a military career, family and education all at the same time. We prioritize our resources to be accommodating to each unique situation and will provide support every step of the way—from the time you sign up for a program to the time you use career services to assist with your job search.

We Value Our Veteran Students

Grantham chooses to serve others who have served and is celebrating 65 years of experience educating a veteran student population. Our Veteran Services Department ensures that our veteran students are able to maximize their education benefits, and make the most of their online education opportunities.

When Donald Grantham founded Grantham University, he took into consideration that all veterans have a different story and different needs. With a flexible online education environment, Grantham is designed to find a place within these different stories and needs with the hopes of bettering a veteran’s life.