homeland securityThink back to some of the best teachers you ever had. What were some of the qualities they shared?

They probably had a passion for the subject they taught, showed their students they genuinely cared about them, encouraged open communication and pushed their students to achieve new heights through challenging, but constructive, feedback. As a bonus, maybe those standout teachers also had a knack for making learning fun.

All of these qualities describe what Grantham University Criminal Justice faculty member Steve Mason tries to achieve with his students. Even though his students focusing on the homeland security concentration may not be sitting in classroom chairs in front of him, Steve makes sure they know he is there for them.

We caught up with Steve to hear more about his approach to teaching, life … and where he hopes his final resting place will be!

Grantham University: What brought you to Grantham University?

Steve Mason: I was teaching at [another school], and I was looking to broaden my teaching opportunities in the homeland security and logistics disciplines.

GU: What do you like most about being a Grantham faculty member?

SM: I like the reputation that Grantham has from current students and alumni. When I hear all those good things, it reinforces what it means to be an instructor at Grantham. I want to be a Life Changer.

GU: How do you offer support for your students?

SM: I offer support to students by having an open line of communication [available to them]. All emails are answered the same day, grading is done in an expedient manner, and I give personal and explicit feedback. I was an online student for many years, so it is easy for me to put myself into my students’ shoes. I give them what I expected as a student.

GU: How does a degree from Grantham help students accomplish their goals?

SM: Education is quickly becoming one of the keys to success. Gone are the days of getting a good job on experience alone. There has to be a college degree somewhere on the resume to turn that job into a career.

GU: Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about going back to school?

SM: Take the plunge. It is never too late to add a college degree to your resume. Age is definitely just a number when it comes to learning. Make sure you have the time and energy to give school the focus that it needs.

GU: What are you most passionate about? What motivates you in life?

SM: I am most passionate about being a people person. I try to meet a new person every day. I try to make everyone smile and laugh. If laughter is the best medicine, everyone who knows me is in great health. I am motivated by helping people, especially strangers. It takes a special person to reach out to someone they do not know.

GU: What is your biggest accomplishment?

SM: My biggest accomplishment is being a great dad and a good husband. I am very blessed in both respects.

GU: If someone were to tell your story, what would you would want the audience to know about you?

SM: I would want the audience to know that I grew up very poor, and through the power of positive thinking and hard work, I made it. If I can, so can you. I am also the biggest Baltimore Orioles fan alive, and I want my ashes scattered in centerfield at Camden Yards when I pass away.

GU: Do you have a tip that could help the type of students taking your classes?

SM: One tip is to do the work to the best of your ability, and turn the work in on time. An instructor cannot help you if the work is not done. Some other advice:

  • When in doubt, get your spouse’s opinion; two heads are better than one.
  • Turn that frown upside down.
  • Cardio, weights, cardio, every other day.

Find Your Keys to Success with Grantham’s Homeland Security Concentration and Teachers Like Steve Mason

Steve’s love for life is contagious, and he keeps everyone around him laughing. He channeled his laughter and positive attitude toward reaching his goals, and now he wants to help Grantham University students do the same.

If you are ready to take the next step toward a career in criminal justice, check out Grantham’s homeland security concentration in criminal justice, where you will receive quality instruction from faculty members like Steve Mason in a 100% online format so you can fit your education to your schedule. Contact us today.

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